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Christmas day meal planning

I am thinking about Christmas day food. I want it to be special, I want to have the traditional things that are important to us for Christmas. I want it to be healthy and I don’t want to eat too much.

I discovered a few years ago that one important Christmas food for me is mince pies. I discovered that the year we didn’t have any. I may or may not be making them. One pro for buying them is that I will only buy 6 and once they are gone they are gone. If I make them, we might end up with 12 or 18…. I think it is safer to have fewer in the house.

Talking with my man, he has identified prawns as an important festive food; prawns in lemon and piri piri cooked over the BBQ. This is going to be the centre of our Christmas day lunch. I am going to pair it with a light salad and some bread.

For dinner, we are going to a friends place. There will be roast meats and vegetables. I have offered to bring a mixed steamed green salad that we can have either warm or cold. It will be asparagus, snowpeas, beans, sugar snap peas, broccoli scattered with a zesty garlic (gluten free) breadcrumb topping. It will be fresh and light and the breadcrumbs will make it special. I am also bringing a dessert option… well two dessert options. I am making small meringues with nuts and chocolate and a chocolate hedgehog roll we can cut in thin slices. By bringing small desserts, I can have a little and stop. That is the plan, anyway.

And for special breakfast, we will have a supreme fried sandwich. This is a little bit of a joke in our house. A fried sandwich with ham, cheese and mustard is called a Mr Fried Sandwich. We use small pieces of bread, lite cheese and lean ham and no butter – it is fried in a dry pran. One version is with a fried egg, another version has relish instead of mustard, one version has blue cheese. This is an easy breakfast I can account for with my kJ. For Christmas we are going for a fried sandwich with special Christmas ham, Jarlsberg cheese, fresh eggs, herbed mustard and special bread. It will be the Majestic Fried Sandwich! And, it will keep me going till lunch!

All meals with have protein. Lunch will be low kJ and lite. Dinner I will avoid the carbs and stick with green veg and roast meat. At some point there will be mince pies.

I also want to go walking. I might need to get up early for it but I need to fit it in next Sunday. And for Boxing day.

For our family, Christmas is about joining together with the people we love. Some of that happens over a meal and so there are special foods. This year, I want to make it special but remember the concept ‘healthy for life’ and build that into the day. I can do both; they are not mutually exclusive.

where work and healthy living intersect

I started my new job this week and I am really pleased with how I have already introduced my healthy routines into my new work atmosphere.

– At my new office, you are not supposed to go through the main foyer in exercise gear. You are supposed to go through the ‘bike’ entrance from the basement. I am ok with this (although I was surprised when I read it initially). In the basement is set up with bike storage, change rooms and lockers, showers and a hairdryer and ironing board and iron. This week, I organised to get a locker so that I can keep my shoes, running belt and hat and some other bits and pieces down in the change rooms so that I can get in and out of the building in my gear easily. It costs $10 a year (plus locker key deposit) and I decided to pay up. I am really pleased I got this set up because it makes it easier for me to get changed and going at lunch times. I like easy options when it comes to my healthy routines.
– I went out at lunch two days this week and am working out a new walking/running route – I mapped it and know distances. It is a little long at the moment but that is ok.
– My colleagues know I go out to exercise which is a good thing. I like that the expectation is that I will go out at lunch. It is also good for me so that I don’t have to explain my red face when I come back.
– It is good for my head that the expectation is I will go out and exercise. There is less thinking about it, I just do it.
– I told my team that I have lost alot of weight. I didn’t give weights but I did talk about clothes sizes. It means that when I refuse to eat something I don’t have to give an explanation.
– It is getting hot as summer approaches. I want to acclimatise to exercising in summer and if I don’t get out then I won’t acclimatise. Getting out twice this week shows me I can run in warmer weather. 30’C is not an excuse not to go out and run.

First week of work is done. I have made some good healthy choices this week when it comes to my work routine.


My little boy has had 2 bad nights in a row and I feel sluggish and headachey today. I did not get into my walking clothes when I woke up. And it is so hot already.

Today is not going to be easy.

I am not going walking today. So that makes it really important to eat well today. I will make good food choices. I am walking on Sunday with friends and I will go out on Friday.

End of the day:
I stayed within my allowance today. I made good food choices. I thought about walking early tomorrow morning but my little boy is now running a fever and I don’t think this night is going to be much better than the last couple. Tomorrow is going to be hot and humid so I think that I won’t go out in the morning but wait till friday.

Week 4 weigh in

End of Week Stats

Weight: 132.4kg (291.3lbs)
Lost this week 1.4kg (3.1lbs)
Total lost 8.5kg (18.7lbs)
% start weight lost 6%

In this past week I went walking 5 times (one was a 20 minute walk at lunch, 2x 45 minute walks and 2×70 minute walks).
I tracked all the food I ate this week and I kept to the plan; staying within my allowance and eating healthy food.

Mentally this week was alot harder. It is the fourth week of this lifestyle change and somewhere along the way I realised I am going to be doing this forever. I just have so much to lose to get to a healthy weight range. It seems too hard, too far, I was looking at the numbers this morning and ideally I need to lose half my starting weight. I find it really depressing and it makes me feel unattractive and worse, undesireable. But even with this mental struggle in the week past I stuck to my exercise plan and I stuck to my food plan and I lost weight. And I lost a good amount of weight. For four weeks I have met my food goals and exercise goals and really focussed and I have succeeded. And I just want to shout out “”I am Excellent!!!””

It is the little choices I make every day. I need to remember that my battle is not with the full amount now. It is the choice I made this morning to go walking before work. It was the choice to weigh my breakfast cereal, the grapes that went on it and measure the milk. It is the choice to have salad and tuna for lunch. It is the choice to enter the food in my tracker. It is the choice to prepare a healthy meal for dinner even when it is hot and I think it doesn’t matter because I have so far to go so I might as well give up now. No. I will not chose to give up now. Damn it. This is my life, my health, my future and I will not give that away. I will not give up in the heat. I will not give up because the road is long and I can’t see the end. I don’t need to see the end now. Now, right now, at this time, all I need to do is make a good choice.

Ooh – I just got really angry about this and it felt really good! It made me feel powerful; so strong and determined 🙂

This coming week’s challenges include the weather. They are predicting a week of above 30’C. And for the next 3 days above 35’C (100’F). It is hard want to exercise in the heat. And hard to plan and be organised because the heat makes me grumpy and tired. Ways of getting around this are having meals in the freezer that I can just re-heat. I don’t quite have enough for the whole week but I can get through till Thursday. I also have a brunch date with some girlfriends on Sunday. I already have the menu for the cafe and just need to pre-order so that I chose is what I get on the day (rather than being distracted by the menu when I get there). And the mental challenge. It creeps in every day and I need to be on guard against it.

This weeks goals:
– walk 3 times during the week and once on the weekend, despite the weather
– track all my food except for Sunday brunch. Choose a healthy brunch option for Sunday
– keep to the food plan, stay within my daily allowance