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long time…

I am here, even though there is an absence of posting.

Uni has started and all my spare time is being spent trying to do readings, listening to lectures, keeping up with the tuts and questions on the forums. The first couple weeks were very overwhelming. I think I am adjusting to it now. My eating has been crap. I am frustrated about this and complacent at the same time. I am going to start sticking up sheets on the mirror with reasons why I want to live a healthy life. Study gives me more every day – this week the lecture topic was hypertension and how obesity is the main nutritional component which impacts the development of hypertension.

I am finding the straight nutrition topics fun and interesting. Diet and Disease is harder because I sometimes take it a little to personally. I know that my weight has had a negative impact on my health and that damage has been done to my body. That is sometimes hard to reconcile with me being young and feeling like I have everything before me. But I am learning. And losing weight and building my fitness levels will make the risks of things like hypertension and cardiovascular disease less.

It does not help that my eating has deteriorated with my attention focussed elsewhere. I have kept running 3 times a week and that is time that I am really savouring.

So, my goal at the moment is to try and eat a little healthier, stay away from food while I do my lectures, keep up the exercise and not worry too much.

Oh – I made that poached salmon again for my mum last week and it was delicious again!

There be progress

I am not sure what happened last week on the scales, whether it was a real number or not… I am just happy to report today that the scales are down, that third number at the front is gone and I am feeling positive, energised and determined.

This morning I weighed in at 97.6kg (214.7 lbs) which is 2.7kg (6 lbs) lighter than last Wednesday. That is a total loss now of 43.3 kg (95.3 lbs). I am still not back at my lowest but I am only 2.5 kg away and now I am confident that I will get back there this month.

I don’t know what happened in the last 5 days with the number box on the floor; because it is only 5 days since my weigh in at the start of the month. But what I can say is that I have done really well food wise and exercise since last Wednesday. This is fact.

I went out for a run last Thursday and it was hard work after not having run for a week. Then on Saturday I ran 5K in 36.08 minutes which is a PB for me. I was stoked. This morning I went running again and it was a hard workout but I did it; 7.09km in 60 minutes with 40 minutes of that running and with some short walking segments and squats thrown in. I also did a 5K walk yesterday around one of the lakes nearby. After a week of cold and rainy weather it was lovely to be out in the sun! The exercise last week felt more balanced because it wasn’t every day and I was eating enough I think to cover for it.

From Wednesday to Sunday I averaged 9100kJ a day which was just over my target. I managed to fit the extra in by eating fruit. I love stone fruit and the peaches and plums are just wonderful right now. I buy several, thinking I have fruit for the week and then need to get more because I have already eaten it all. And I am finding that food planning is working well to give me varied meals which are healthy and tasty.

I am also doing really well on the no-chocolate front. I have not had any chocolate in any form since last Tuesday, so that is 6 days now. I did use the fruit those first couple of days for some extra sweetness and that helped. I also had a bad headache last week from giving up the chocolate and associated sugar, I have not had any biscuits or cake or other sweets either, but the headache passed and I am eating well and am satisfied.

The biggest food challenge of the week was at a birthday party yesterday. I had my snacks before arriving, chewed gum and and drank water. And I did not eat anything while I was there, not even chcolate brownie cake. Fortunately, I have had this brownie in my past and I know how wonderful it is so I did not need to taste it to learn that. (This is a trick I use sometimes at parties. If I have had something before, I don’t need to have it again, I would rather try something new if there is something new than have something that I know; even if that something is really good. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.)

I am saying my positive affirmation frequently and I think it is a good thing for me; I think it is helping with my motivation and general attitude.

And one new thing from last week is that I started reading my text book for the course I am about to start. Last year I decided to start studing nutrition formally. I find it so interesting and it will help me learn more about getting healthy and staying that way. It might be something I could move into career wise but I have now set plans there. I enrolled in course and classes start in March, all online with assignments and exams. I am doing two subjects this semester and I picked up one of the textbooks last week. I started reading and I am enjoying it. I am thinking again about why I eat what I do, about my choices and whether they could be better; what changes I could make to improve my diet. I am comparing my old diet to my new diet as well and I am really encouraged as the changes I have made seem to be very sensible ones. This bodes well for the future.

This coming week I am going to do more of the same. Eat well, plan meals, exercise consistently but not excessively, keep reading and thinking. I also want to cook something new and write it up. It is an age since I have posted a new recipe here here… I will see how the week progresses on that front.

busy, busy,


I have just been really busy in the last week. Work has been busy and good and I am happy about that. I have kept up my running workouts but eating has kind of gone off track. I am not entirely sure why but I have some ideas and I am sorting through the things I have been avoiding in the hope that I was using food to help me avoid them… It will sort itself out.

I am starting to think about how I will fit study into my life and that makes me a little nervous given how busy I feel at the moment. I am hoping to get some things done between the beginning of March which is when semester starts.

I am away this weekend but I am staying with a friend who is eating healthily and also runs. I hope to get a run in over the weekend with her. I am taking breakfast cereal and snacks so that at least some of my food is organised.

It is summer… things will settle down in the next little while I hope.