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Things I learnt this week

– not to make my little boy something for dinner that I really want to eat. It just ends up with me testing it before he eats and then finishing it off. It was the first time I really broke my rule of not eating his food.

– when I make something yummy, or somthing that I have been looking forward to (which is hopefully yummy), I should plan to try it out straight away! I made some almond butter yesterday. In Australia, we don’t get a huge range of nut butters. It is really kind of special and expensive. I had been hearing about all the different kinds and flavours of nut butter that are available in the US. And then I found out how easy it was. So, I toasted the almonds, blended them up and then it went all lumpy and took a while but finally it came together. So, I had a spoon full. And then I put in some cinnamon. And I had a spoon full. Then I put it in a jar and I had the bit the didn’t quite make the jar. It was really nice. And then I dumped the blender bowl in the sink, with the blades and the spatula and filled it all with water. And afterwards I was frustrated that I had so many tastes. Wake up, sister! What did you expect? I should have made the nut butter just before afternoon tea and had a piece of bread ready. Next time, plan it in. And, previously I would have cleaned off the bowl and spatula before filling it with water. I have learnt some restraint!

I know it is ok to eat things that are not on the plan. I know that losing weight and getting healthy is the sum of many decisions – not decisions in isolation. I know that foods are not good or bad and I can choose to have somthing for nostaligic reasons, that I can try new things. I need to relax about this stuff but still have the majority of my choices end up on the healthy side.

There were several occasions this past week where I was thoughtless in my eating. Things were in my mouth and gone without me making a conscious choice. This is old behaviour, and it is the first time I have done this in the 11 weeks of my new lifestyle.

I don’t know why. Maybe because I am not quite well yet and still on antibiotics. Maybe it is because I feel I am doing well and that I can ease up. Maybe it is just old neural patterns asserting themselves.

In my future, I don’t want to obsess about every thing I put in my mouth. But I don’t trust myself to start yet. I have so far to go. I want to have these new patterns really ingrained before I start to let go of the monitoring. I want to have a healthy lifestyle in place and then jump off. I need the crutches right now. And I guess I am scared that I can’t do it, that the weight will come back and that I will fail at this challenge.

I made a commitment to live a healthy lifestyle for 40 weeks – that is food and exercise. Today I have completed 11 weeks of that timeframe. I will keep going. Part of the reason for the 40 weeks is that it is long enough to really build good habits but it is not open ended. It allows for a concentrated effort and then a reassessment. I am determined to see this through. And when I get there, that is not the stopping point. That is a celebration point and a reassessment for my future.

My fears will not hold me back from choosing a longer life with my family.

One day, one meal, one space between meals at a time.

The Honeymoon is Over

I really quite enjoyed the first 5 weeks of the new routine. It was easy to make healthy choices. I wanted to go walking. And I lost weight. I felt good about what I was doing and it was *totally* achievable.

I don’t know if it was getting sick that ended this phase or whether it was just time but now it’s harder. I have to choose the healthy snack rather than automatically turning to it. I have to choose to exercise, although, this one is still a little tricky as I am not yet well. I have to plan and I have to remind myself of the big picture so that I can focus on the little things.

And I think that some of the angst in the last couple of weeks is me simply not recognising the honeymoon is over. This is life. If I really want this to happen now it is up to me to make it happen. From here, the hard work starts.

That doesn’t mean the hard work can’t be fun. Healthy eating and regular exercise are going to have to be part of my life from now on so if I don’t enjoy it or it doesn’t work with my routine that is going to be a problem.

But I think it will work with my routine. I don’t have any major lifestyle changes forecast this year so I should have stability on that front. My exercise is planned to fit into my weekly routine and I think I can maintain and build on that.

And I think I can keep interested in healthy food. We have had a few special breakfast options in the last couple months that I can manage within my food allocation. Trying to cook a new recipe every friday will keep me looking for options and I enjoy trying out new things. The other exciting foodie thing that is going to start soon is that my man and I are going out for a date night every 2 months (without the little one) and the first one is going out to dinner at a swanky restaurant. This is not going to be great diet wise for that week but will keep me interested in food and I can use it as a motivation and a reward which is going to be good for my attitude overall.

I need to keep working on my positive self talk. It was also so effortless in the first weeks. I know my goal for this year; it is challenging but realistic and achievable. I know this because I have managed similar goals in a similar timeframe twice already in the last decade. I need to move my butt because exercise helps me keep the positive frame of mind in place.

My challenge is to be committed for 40 weeks and to lose 40kg by Christmas. The 40 weeks ends in October but the process doesn’t end there. For my health, for my family and for my sanity I need to make this a lifelong change. I can do this. I know there will be set backs and surprises and things that change my routine and plans. That is life. And I want to live. I will need to learn to roll with the punches and start again when I lose my way.

It is achievable.

this week’s weigh in

I am stoked!!

Starting Weight: 140.9 kg (310lbs)
Current Weight: 130.7 kg (287.5lbs)
Loss this Week 1.7kg (3.7lbs)
Total Loss: 10.2kg (22.4lbs)

This week was hard with the heat but I paid close attention to what I was eating. 6 days of the last week I was just under or right on track with my food allocation. Only one day I was over – and not by much – and that was offset by the additional allocation earnt through exercise. I exercised 3 times this past week which is a real indicator of my commitment because of the heat.

I have been thinking about what has made the past 5 weeks so successful. I developed a plan (food and exercise) that fits in with my current stage of life before I started. I have the tools to track what I am doing. I committed to the plan and am living the plan. And right now it is easy, the food is good, the exercise is achievable, the tracking is easy and convenient. It will get hard when my commitment stalls and that is going to happen. But I am using this time now to reinforce my motivations and tie them in with my values. And so when it gets hard I am hoping that alot of what I am doing now will be routine and will get me through until I can kickstart my commitment again.

This weeks challenges: We have a section afternoon tea at work tomorrow but I have planned to bring healthy dip, crackers and vegetables. I also won’t be able to do my longer walks on Wednsday and Friday because I have appts on those mornings but I have planned to get up early and do my shorter walk so that I don’t miss out on exercise. Next weekend I will try and get the whole family out to do my ’round the mountain’ walk. And I now suspect that I am getting the cold that my little boy and my man currently have. That is going to make things hard.

And I am looking forward to my ‘10% of start weight lost’ reward which is getting closer. I am going for a massage. Losing 10% of my start weight is the first short term goal that I have been aiming for.

Action items: need to take my measurements again this week.

The end of today marks 4 weeks completed

Yay!!! 4 Weeks!!! I am looking forward to my weighin tomorrow morning. It is not going to be a huge loss – maybe only .5kg but it still should be a loss. I am 10% of my way to my 40 weeks.

This past week has been the hardest so far. I feel fat and unattractive, partly because I am paying attention to it. And it has been hot and I really don’t like the heat. It is harder to be organised for lunches and dinner, harder to go walking. Just harder. I get grumpy and tired and stressed. And I am realising that watching what I eat and exercising is for the rest of my life and I find that a little depressing. But I got through this past week, with the heat and feeling less motivated and I will get through next week which is going to be just as hot but for more days in a row.

In the past 4 weeks I have:
– stuck to my exercise plan. The first week I went walking 3 times. The middle two weeks 4 times and this past week 5. The fifth one this week was a 20 minute walk during my lunch break so it wasn’t much but what it did do was inspire me to set up lunch time walks on Tues and Thurs with a friend once we get to March. It is too hot just now. I have also sorted out when I am walking on weekends. My man will be back at dog training on Sundays starting next week so I have committed to walking then. If there is a walk with the whole fam on Saturday that is a bonus.

– stuck to my food plan. Going into the third week I dropped a point but that has been ok. I have tried new recipes, mostly ones from the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. This week I have eaten the most – using 9 of my 21 activity points which is why I think that I won’t have a big loss this week. But I will still be under my points for 3 days this week (including today) and on one day I was right on the points amount so even with the extra points it is only 3 days we are talking about. And I have tracked my food everyday for 4 weeks. I have not eaten anything that I did not write down (except for that one meal when we went to visit my cousin and had the tasting plate for lunch). I have not eaten any of my little boy’s food. I have not had any alcohol. I have had chocolate but not that much and it was always tracked. No cake and no biscuits (except the diet ones). And I have started letting my man cook again, not much but I am trusting him for one or two meals a week.

I have adjusted my excel spreadsheet to show % of start lost and % to goal. These are some good calculations that I saw on DietGirls* calculator. I have already lost 5% of my start weight and that was last week. As I said up the top, I am looking forward to weighin tomorrow to see where I am now.

I am not feeling it in my clothes yet. But I am starting to rifle through my size 22 suitcase to see what is there. The stretchy stuff fits. I am not feeling any fitter yet but I am enjoying the exercise. And I know that people won’t really start to notice for another one or two months. And I want the encouragement now. The next couple of weeks will be hard with the heat and the mental challenges.

But I am proud of the past 28 days. I am proud of the choices I have made in relation to food and exercise. It is easy when you are in the zone, that mental state where nothing gets in the way of the end goal. It is harder when I have to struggle to make those good choices. This week has been a struggle but I remember that it is about the little choices every day. I don’t need to make tomorrow’s call today, or even the one for this afternoon. If I make a good choice now, that will help me get to my goal.

*Love, love, Dietgirl! Go and check her out at dietgirl.org

A new start

Pregnant then baby, put on heaps of weight. breast feeding helped for a while but then I started gaining again. Started feeling uncomfortable in my body.

Started thinking about how to go about losing weight. Some things I have learnt from before: I lose weight well on weightwatchers or csiro total well being diet. A little extra protein keeps me feeling fuller for longer. I don’t need to belong to a group but can manage it myself if I have a good tracking system in place. I need a time frame that I can grasp and a weight loss goal that I can grasp. I need to be obsessed about it. I need somewhere to journal what is happening as well.

Which is why I have come here. I want to journal the good things, do a weekly summary, catch interesting things I eat, be able to air frustrations, ideas and struggles.

My plan is a 40 week plan. I know what 40 weeks is like, it has a start and a stop and what I have lost in previous efforts was achieved in a similiar time frame but then I got lost. My 40 weeks starts Jan 3rd on a Monday. It will take me through to the first weekend in October. In 40 weeks I want to lose about 35kg. That puts me just above 100kg and is where I got caught last time. So I know I can get that far.

I am using the ww points system but tracking on my own with a cool app on my phone. But what it doesn’t do is allow me to make notes for different days. I want to do that. This is that this journal will do. My twist on the points system is that I have more protein than they would probably recommend so it is a like a cross between the csiro diet and ww.

Things I need to keep in my head:
– I don’t eat my little boy’s food. I just don’t. Not the crusts, not the tastes to see if it is cool enough. I just don’t.
– If I want a treat one is enough. I don’t need 2 biscuits or 2 chocolates or 2 of anything. I have been in the habit of having 2 of things and that has to stop.
– drink water, have some chewing gum on hand. Know what the next thing is going to be so that I don’t freak out. Have something on hand just in case I get caught out.
– need to fit in exercise.

There will be more things as I think of them.

I also want to try an anchoring technique that i learnt in training last year. If I can put in an anchor that takes me mentally to a place where I am determined and strong and successful I can use that when I feel weak or frustrated. I need to work out my image/scene to go to. The anchor word is ‘determined’ and the physical anchor is squeezing my right fist.

I was playing with the idea of turning my food issues into an ‘inner demon that I have to battle’ scenario but I don’t think it is that healthy. I think accepting that I have issues with emotional eating/boredom eating/social eating rather than turning it all into an inner demon is going to be better in the long run.

So, this is where I am. This is the plan and some of my big thoughts around it.