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My choices, my actions: finding my centre

Today I have been reflecting on the last 20 weeks as tonight marks the end of 20 weeks since I started this journey. Being away from home for the last few days and really having to plan exercise and food has reminded me how far I have come.

I have done so well this weekend. I planned my food; I brought some things with me and bought some things here. I ate the food I had planned and I was happy with that. Part of my satisfaction has come from eating food that is filling and tasty, and having some options. I have not felt deprived. I am very grateful to my friends who have supported me this weekend. I am sharing the hotel suite with three friends and there has been no issue with regards to me having organised my food independently. I have planned for one dinner out with them and I am looking forward to that tonight. And last night, I stayed last after the final concert and celebrated with champagne and much singing. I had not planned the alcohol into my food plan for the weekend but that is ok. Finding balance with life is part of journeying to a lighter plane of being.

I am also really thrilled that I have been active every day since I arrived. I had wanted to exercise and I had packed all my exercise gear. But I did have to get out there and do it. And I did. The time out walking gave me space; a chance to clear my head of convention and the time to reflect on my choices (food and exercise wise) of the weekend and the first 20 weeks.

I was asked to go to High Tea this afternoon. I once loved High Tea with the cakes and desserts and chocolates and the all you can eat aspect. But not today. I chose to have a few drinks last night and I chose not to go to High Tea today. Both choices make me feel empowered. The reason I gave for not going is that I am watching what I eat and did not want to go because of my commitment to that. After a condescending remark, my friend apologised, explained the context of her comment and asked if I was happy. I realised that I am. I am happy not going with them. I am happy that I am getting healthy and strong. I am happy that my life is my priority. I am happy that I can know what I want and stand in that and be confident in my choices.

I am on holiday and I don’t feel like a holiday from home means time off from eating well and exercising. It is as much a part of my day as it is any day.

I am so proud of what I have done this weekend and what I have achieved in my first 20 weeks of being a healthier and stronger person.

I won’t be able to weigh in tomorrow but I will on Tuesday morning. I want to see the scales go down but they might not. And honestly, I am ok with what I get because this weekend has really shown me how far I have come.

I can see I have lost weight!

Still not 100% over my infection. But I am much better than Monday. And last night I felt well enough to go for a little walk – just to the corner shop and back. It was so nice to be moving! I have really missed it. And I think that learning that I miss exercise is fantastic 🙂

This morning I got dressed and I looked in the mirror. I can now see that I take up less space than I used to.

I want to write more but I am tired and my thoughts are scattering like the leaves outside (it’s going into Fall here). So, I will save my thoughts and hopefully they will come together with something interesting.

And I will be back later with New Food Friday 🙂

Work Week Wrap

While I really wanted to go walking on 7 consecutive days, I realised that what I needed was a rest day. My feet were sore, my legs were sore and I was tired. I think I need to build up a little more fitness and strength before I get to this goal. And so, yesterday, I did not go on my lunch walk. I am ok with that, it was the right choice. This morning I got up, got dressed in my exercise clothes and was ready to go again. It was good to go out today. I plan to go out on Saturday and Sunday but might stick to 30 minutes each day. This weekend is also not a typical weekend.

I am going away, it is a retreat for the chorus I sing with. It is not a health retreat with massages and day spas but rehearsals all day. It is also the first time I will be away from my little boy overnight. I am excited and nervous. The retreat should be a blast. Food wise, I have decided to take all my own food. I know what the food is like on these retreats as I catered for one once. It will be higher in carbs and fat and lower in protein than I am used to now. I am not prepared to compromise for 2 days at this point. I hope I get asked why – I am now happier to talk to people I know about the journey I am on. And I hope I am not tempted by the morning teas, afternoon teas and suppers. Actually, I will be tempted but I am not planning to give in. It is not that I can’t eat biscuits and cakes, it is just that I want success more. It is not deprivation, it is a choice that I am happy with. And for the suppers at the end of the long days I have planned to have a little chocolate or biscuits. I am bringing them with me and it will be on my terms. For my food allowance this weekend, I have budgeted for 2 points more a day because I know the weekend will be tiring and I need to make sure I have enough to keep my body fueled.

So there won’t be a ‘New Food Friday’ this week. I am busy packing, shopping, cleaning and spending time with my boy today. He is asleep at the moment and I really need to get moving so that I can have the other things done and we can have some play time this afternoon.

But just to finish – I have a Non Scale Victory! I decided that if I can get my jeans off without undoing the button or the zip that I shouldn’t be wearing them anymore. Today, I retired my Size 24 Jeans. Yeah Baby! I have gone down a size!