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long time…

I am here, even though there is an absence of posting.

Uni has started and all my spare time is being spent trying to do readings, listening to lectures, keeping up with the tuts and questions on the forums. The first couple weeks were very overwhelming. I think I am adjusting to it now. My eating has been crap. I am frustrated about this and complacent at the same time. I am going to start sticking up sheets on the mirror with reasons why I want to live a healthy life. Study gives me more every day – this week the lecture topic was hypertension and how obesity is the main nutritional component which impacts the development of hypertension.

I am finding the straight nutrition topics fun and interesting. Diet and Disease is harder because I sometimes take it a little to personally. I know that my weight has had a negative impact on my health and that damage has been done to my body. That is sometimes hard to reconcile with me being young and feeling like I have everything before me. But I am learning. And losing weight and building my fitness levels will make the risks of things like hypertension and cardiovascular disease less.

It does not help that my eating has deteriorated with my attention focussed elsewhere. I have kept running 3 times a week and that is time that I am really savouring.

So, my goal at the moment is to try and eat a little healthier, stay away from food while I do my lectures, keep up the exercise and not worry too much.

Oh – I made that poached salmon again for my mum last week and it was delicious again!

the end of a busy week

It has been a busy week with a lot of little stress points. The result has been a lack of focus. My head is not quite in the right space and I have been a little relaxed about snacks.

I did not have the time till this morning when I got up early to go running to work out why my focus had faded. Once I started looking at the week I realised what had been going on, and that I have done very well despite all the varied stress.

– I had some sort of mild virus on Monday night. The symptoms (muscle soreness, tiredness, headache, back ache) only lasted for about 8 hours but it meant that things I was going to do needed to be put off.
– Our boy is transitioning from a cot to a bed and the novelty has worn off. Tuesday night he had a lot of trouble getting to sleep and then getting back to sleep through the night which meant that we did not sleep well.
– I was not able to get up early on Wednesday to go running and I missed it.
– My mum went in for emergency dental surgery on Wednesday. She is ok now, feeling better than she was. But I was worried and Dad did not call when he said he would so I spent Thursday morning quite distracted.
– I called the agent managing my unit and said I had decided to put it on the market. – Thursday night we were out at a friends place and I had more snacks than I usually would because I was still tired.
– And last night I was just hungry. I am not sure why (although I suspect hormones). So, I had some nuts, some more nuts and a hard boiled egg. And went to bed early.

So, lots of things on top of a busy work week and general home life. This is where having planned the meals for the week has really helped me. Last night we got home and dinner was easy and fast.

Today there is more to to. I decided not to go for the morning walk around the lake so I could do some cleaning. To get my run in I got up at 6 and did it early. It was a good run as well. My man and our boy have left and the house is quiet. I have done the meal plan and shopping list for the next week. I am about to put on another load of washing and start the cleaning. But it was nice to take 10 minutes out and reflect on last week and get my focus back. And to realise that even with everying going on, I did not overeat for comfort or stress relief. I ate a little more than normal on three evenings but it was not in excess.

Next week will also be busy and will have different stress points. That is ok. I know if I take the quiet time when I get it I will get through.

busy, busy,


I have just been really busy in the last week. Work has been busy and good and I am happy about that. I have kept up my running workouts but eating has kind of gone off track. I am not entirely sure why but I have some ideas and I am sorting through the things I have been avoiding in the hope that I was using food to help me avoid them… It will sort itself out.

I am starting to think about how I will fit study into my life and that makes me a little nervous given how busy I feel at the moment. I am hoping to get some things done between the beginning of March which is when semester starts.

I am away this weekend but I am staying with a friend who is eating healthily and also runs. I hope to get a run in over the weekend with her. I am taking breakfast cereal and snacks so that at least some of my food is organised.

It is summer… things will settle down in the next little while I hope.

Two good – no great – days.

Buzzy headache is gone. Stairs have been climbed, exercise done, water drunk and planned food eaten. No alcohol, no choclate. Strategies have been prepared for party on the weekend.

I feel better in my skin. I need to remember that eating properly, exercising properly and getting enough sleep makes me feel good. This is important 🙂


With all the excitement of last weekend, things fell apart a little on Monday night and then I got some kind of gastro bug which lasted a couple of days. My eating has been good with some extras but I have been gentle to myself because my system is not quite right. I seem to be on the mend now. I have kept up my exercise and have only just finished my Up and Running workout for today. So, things are ok. I am still here, I am still looking forward.

I did have a wonderful time of reflection last weekend.

I have put some new timeframes in my spreadsheet so that I will keep looking ahead. 9 weeks – 9 more weeks of consistent steady effort.

I went op shopping again this morning. I needed some new trousers for work as mine are now on the slightly loose side. I found some today and am really happy with them, they look good and fit well. I like clothes shopping now 🙂

And, that’s about all for now…. 🙂


The last ten days I have been very keen to jump on the scales and see the numbers go down. More so, then usual. But the numbers aren’t going down as fast as I would like. And that is frustrating.

So, I have decided to have a ban on the scales for the rest of the week and do what I know works. Exercise consistently, watch my food intake, drink water, get good sleep. I am not going to fret over the number anymore this week. It will happen if the decisions I make are consistently healthy.

Today, I did a resistance work out for the first time in a couple of months. Resistance workouts never made it into my routine and so I struggle to get them in. But today I did. And then I did some cardio and I feel good.

It is my man’s birthday on the weekend. We have a couple of events already this weekend and a party next weekend. There is going to be cake and party foods. I am going to make sure there are healthy options at all the events I go to. We will see how it all goes. I need to remember at special occasions that it is the overall effort not the individual choices that count in the long run.

And speaking of running… the warm-up week for my Up and Running online course has started this week and the workouts start next week. I am loving it so far 🙂

Missing exercise? That’s new!

It has been an interesting week. My exercise has been derailed fore the last 4 days and I am missing it. I am missing the physical exertion and I am missing the mental space I get when I go walking on my own. I feel overstretched and I am reacting to little things. And I also want to eat more. I am looking forward to this morning. I am going to do some cardio, some resistance training and wrap it all up with an hour of housecleaning. I get a clean house and exercise! Win – Win!

My eating this week has been on the higher side all week. I don’t know if my body is reacting to a large loss last week, the cold, the lack of exercise or all of the above and more. But, I am on target for losing about 0.5kg (1 lb) considering my food intake and exercise so I am still pleased with that. Who knows what the scales will read on Monday. And speaking of scales…

I have bought a new set of scales. The battery in my old ones is getting low and I decided to get some new scales in the sales to replace it rather than just changing the battery. I bought a set that do body fat, body water as well as weight. I tested it out the other night and weigh the same on it as I do the old ones 🙂 The only thing it doesn’t do is play back the last readings for me, which means if I want to record all the readins I need to write them down while standing on the scale. As I will only be recording weight regularly it should not bug me too much…

[4 hours later]

I feel much better for having done some exercise. I need to remember this 🙂