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The week ahead

I did not get a chance last night to catch up on the start of the week.

Last week was one where I had control. There were no surprises food wise, I planned meals, I planned around my brunch, I declined alcohol and chocolate. I was happy with my choices. Particularly with brunch, I looked at that day as having 2 meals and 2 snacks with brunch being a big meal and getting me through from about 11 through to 3pm when I had my normal afternoon tea. In the past, brunch was an opportunity for an extra meal… So I am really pleased with the thought and changes in behaviour that occurred last Saturday.

This week is not quite that simple. I have a work lunch on Friday that I have pre-ordered for. The menu is not friendly but I have put in the following order steak sandwich (no butter/marg on the bread, aoili on the side, and mixed salad with no dressing instead of fries). I sent my order through to the colleague
who is managing the group order and ran down to chat with her about what I was doing. Turns out she has been working on healthy eating and exercise this year, has gone down 2 sizes and we had a really nice chat about how hard things are at this time of year. I am so glad I took the time to work out the best option for me.

This weekend is going to be special. My man and I are going away, there will be dinner out, theatre, fancy accomodation and breakfast. It is only one night away so I am not going to pack my exercise gear. It is the first time we have been away together since our boy was born. Our boy is staying with the grandparents – everyone’s a winner 😀 Things I am planning to do to make the weekend healthier are, exercise before I go on Saturday, taking normal snack food for the car trip (both ways), making sure that there is a healthy dinner option for Sunday night when we get back. And I will enjoy the night out with my man and not worry about how many kJ are in what I am eating.

So, this week I will not drive myself to lose weight, next Monday on the scales will be a chance to record information; I hope to maintain but whatever I get will be ok. I had a big loss last week and got back down to where I wanted to be. To expect a loss this week is not realistic. I am not giving myself excuses to eat more than I should, I will be keeping track of everything and sticking to plan for all other meals. And while we are away I will be mindful and make healthy food choices. And what happens on the scale on Monday will be ok. At least that is how I want it to be… all calm and objective and aware. We’ll see how things are on Monday 🙂

This week will be good practice leading up to Christmas and New Year.


Today I am *really* tired. I am also a little stressed and sad. Things happen sometimes in life and sometimes I struggle to roll with it. Nothing serious. But I want to say that despite my lack of sleep, I went out walking this morning. I didn’t do any running today but I got out into the outside world and walked. It is a beautiful day here. I walked for 70 minutes and I mapped my route to learn I went 6.7km. I am happy with that. I feel better for it. And when my little boy goes down for his after lunch nap, I am going to go back to bed as well.

I am proud of myself, that today, despite my tiredness and blues, I exercised and (so far) I have eaten well. This is a huge advance for me. I know that in my old life, I would have eaten and drunk the feelings into oblivion. Instead I have done some contingency planning for a couple of things that are coming up. I like to have fallback plans. It makes me feel like I have options, like I have some control.

weekend challenge

This weekends holds yum cha with my sisters and their families, my older sisters 40th party, out for dinner, out for lunch.

Heading out soon. I will remember that the more healthy choices I make the better but that celebrations like this happen rarely. I will enjoy myself.

I did get all three Up and Running workouts in this week, very smug about getting up early this morning to fit the third in! Taking walking gear with me. I plan to go out both days to offset some of the celebrations 🙂

I won’t be back till Monday night, weigh in for end of week 39 will be on Tuesday.

Dinner parties, cheese and champagne

It was a good weekend. We had friends over for dinner and there was cheese and champagne. I cooked Kangaroo Massaman and made the curry paste with a mortar and pestle. Not the lightest meal but you don’t take big servings and I also had a vegetable curry which did not use coconut milk. After our friends left, I guestimated how many kJ I had eaten and it was 2000 above my target for the day. The meal itself was not too bad. It was the cheese and crackers and champagne that put me over. But, you know, it was a great night. Overall last week, I averaged out at 8281kJ/day, and that is including the dinner party. I was aiming for 8200. I exercised for 6 and a half hours last week. I made sure that on Saturday I ate lightly to help with dinner and on Sunday I did the same. I did lose weight this week, not as much as I had hoped but that is ok. I had a good week being on plan and exercising and I had a great dinner party. And being able cook for my friends and enjoy good food is something that I need to be able to incorporate into my life.

And today I am wearing a size 16 shirt that I bought years ago for when I could fit into it. That attempt, I did not get there. I am wearing it today and I look good.

Starting weight; 140.9kg (310lbs)
Today’s weight: 106.4 (234lbs)
This week’s loss: 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs)
Total lost: 34.5 kg (76lbs)

This week I want to do resistance training at least twice. I have not yet made it a habit and I am more likely to do cardio than resistance. But I want to incorporate it into my routine.

I am also baking for work on Thursday but I will factor that in and that is ok.

Other than that, I now have a teapot at work to help me out with stress management there.

That is all.