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Christmas day meal planning

I am thinking about Christmas day food. I want it to be special, I want to have the traditional things that are important to us for Christmas. I want it to be healthy and I don’t want to eat too much.

I discovered a few years ago that one important Christmas food for me is mince pies. I discovered that the year we didn’t have any. I may or may not be making them. One pro for buying them is that I will only buy 6 and once they are gone they are gone. If I make them, we might end up with 12 or 18…. I think it is safer to have fewer in the house.

Talking with my man, he has identified prawns as an important festive food; prawns in lemon and piri piri cooked over the BBQ. This is going to be the centre of our Christmas day lunch. I am going to pair it with a light salad and some bread.

For dinner, we are going to a friends place. There will be roast meats and vegetables. I have offered to bring a mixed steamed green salad that we can have either warm or cold. It will be asparagus, snowpeas, beans, sugar snap peas, broccoli scattered with a zesty garlic (gluten free) breadcrumb topping. It will be fresh and light and the breadcrumbs will make it special. I am also bringing a dessert option… well two dessert options. I am making small meringues with nuts and chocolate and a chocolate hedgehog roll we can cut in thin slices. By bringing small desserts, I can have a little and stop. That is the plan, anyway.

And for special breakfast, we will have a supreme fried sandwich. This is a little bit of a joke in our house. A fried sandwich with ham, cheese and mustard is called a Mr Fried Sandwich. We use small pieces of bread, lite cheese and lean ham and no butter – it is fried in a dry pran. One version is with a fried egg, another version has relish instead of mustard, one version has blue cheese. This is an easy breakfast I can account for with my kJ. For Christmas we are going for a fried sandwich with special Christmas ham, Jarlsberg cheese, fresh eggs, herbed mustard and special bread. It will be the Majestic Fried Sandwich! And, it will keep me going till lunch!

All meals with have protein. Lunch will be low kJ and lite. Dinner I will avoid the carbs and stick with green veg and roast meat. At some point there will be mince pies.

I also want to go walking. I might need to get up early for it but I need to fit it in next Sunday. And for Boxing day.

For our family, Christmas is about joining together with the people we love. Some of that happens over a meal and so there are special foods. This year, I want to make it special but remember the concept ‘healthy for life’ and build that into the day. I can do both; they are not mutually exclusive.

The week ahead

I did not get a chance last night to catch up on the start of the week.

Last week was one where I had control. There were no surprises food wise, I planned meals, I planned around my brunch, I declined alcohol and chocolate. I was happy with my choices. Particularly with brunch, I looked at that day as having 2 meals and 2 snacks with brunch being a big meal and getting me through from about 11 through to 3pm when I had my normal afternoon tea. In the past, brunch was an opportunity for an extra meal… So I am really pleased with the thought and changes in behaviour that occurred last Saturday.

This week is not quite that simple. I have a work lunch on Friday that I have pre-ordered for. The menu is not friendly but I have put in the following order steak sandwich (no butter/marg on the bread, aoili on the side, and mixed salad with no dressing instead of fries). I sent my order through to the colleague
who is managing the group order and ran down to chat with her about what I was doing. Turns out she has been working on healthy eating and exercise this year, has gone down 2 sizes and we had a really nice chat about how hard things are at this time of year. I am so glad I took the time to work out the best option for me.

This weekend is going to be special. My man and I are going away, there will be dinner out, theatre, fancy accomodation and breakfast. It is only one night away so I am not going to pack my exercise gear. It is the first time we have been away together since our boy was born. Our boy is staying with the grandparents – everyone’s a winner 😀 Things I am planning to do to make the weekend healthier are, exercise before I go on Saturday, taking normal snack food for the car trip (both ways), making sure that there is a healthy dinner option for Sunday night when we get back. And I will enjoy the night out with my man and not worry about how many kJ are in what I am eating.

So, this week I will not drive myself to lose weight, next Monday on the scales will be a chance to record information; I hope to maintain but whatever I get will be ok. I had a big loss last week and got back down to where I wanted to be. To expect a loss this week is not realistic. I am not giving myself excuses to eat more than I should, I will be keeping track of everything and sticking to plan for all other meals. And while we are away I will be mindful and make healthy food choices. And what happens on the scale on Monday will be ok. At least that is how I want it to be… all calm and objective and aware. We’ll see how things are on Monday 🙂

This week will be good practice leading up to Christmas and New Year.

Just quietly

I did jump on the scales again and I am back to my last official weigh in number. That’s a relief 🙂 And it has been interesting to go through a day of excess carbs, some salt, little protein and no movement and see what it does to my body and my head. Head wise, it just makes me crave more carbs! And I was lethargic. So, back to eating properly and exercising for me 🙂

Home again

I did weigh in this morning, the scales went up and I was not surprised given yesterday. I was in the car for 7 hours yesterday and things did not go so well food wise. Which after my mindset on Sunday is a little disappointing but it was an unusual day. There was a distinct lack of thought with regards to what I ate, what I should eat to keep me going and when I should eat. I also didn’t get any exercise yesterday. Some of the scale increase is due to water, some was due to changes in fibre content which had slowed down my system. It will all even out in the end. But I don’t think I will post the stats today. I will wait till next Monday for next week’s stats…

Today I am back on track, I had a normal day and am right on target. I did my 30 min cardio DVD again, with much more coordination and I started my resistance tube workout. The resistance tube workout builds up over a couple of months. There are 9 exercises (including squats, lunges and crunches) and I started out with 1 set of 10 reps for each exercise. This week I will do the workout twice, next week three times and then I will look at doing 2 sets of maybe 8 reps in the third week. I did the resistance tube workout after the warmup on the DVD but before the cardio section. I thought it worked well together. I am glad that I am starting slow because my thighs are aching now.

I have the rest of the week off work. I will do some cooking to stock the freezer back up with healthy dinner options. I will exercise every day. I will relax. I might try to get to a few second hand clothes shops or do some window shopping in normal clothes shops. I am even trying to get in that massage I owe myself for completing one third of my 40 week commitment. It is good to be home after being away 🙂