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my weekly report

I have had a good week. I have averaged 8780kJ a day over the last week, I exercised on 5 days, doing a total of 25.4km in 3 hours 46 minutes. My exercise time is down from what I was doing last year but the intensity has gone up because of the running. I have been doing some reading and some thinking. I met my commitment to myself to eat well, exercise and do some head work. So, it was a very good week. There were some stress points but I did not use food to manage the stress. I also had an unstructured day yesterday with a big brunch and then two light snacks and then dinner but I tracked the food and I did not use it as an excuse to over eat. So, I am really happy with that. The number on the scale is down 2.2 kg (4.8 lbs) from last week! I am almost back to my lowest weigh in for last year and that makes me feel good. I know it is a large weight loss for one week; some of it I attribute to the week before (my stress eating last weekend impacted weigh in). It is also still a ‘starting out’ weigh but it is alot for one week.

This coming week I have a couple of social events that I will plan for but I think they will be ok given what they are and who they are with. I have my exercise booked in, I have meals planned and most of the shopping done. I will keep reading and thinking. I will try and eat a little bit more to bring it up to 9000kJ a day. I want to keep the weight loss steady and so it needs to be slower.

My running is going well. I had some good times this past week and I think I might try running 5K this coming weekend as a timed run. When I ran 5K late last year it was without good eating or consistent training leading up to it. Some of the Up and Running girls have been talking about 12 races in 2012 – be that virtual or actual races. I like that idea and as I will be away the last weekend in January I thought I could try next weekend. I will see how the week goes.

I got a call from the Get Healthy Program last week. I knew the call was coming – it was my 12 month follow up call – but I thought it would be a couple of weeks away. It was really good to report in to them. The Get Healthy Program is run by the state/territory govts in Australia and provides free phone coaching over a period of 6 months on healthy living to people living in those states and territories. I signed up in January last year for the additional support and I really enjoyed the calls from my coach. I agreed to do the followup call as part of the research on the program itself. I think it is important that programs get information from the participants so they can try to assess if the program met the objectives. There were questions about food/exercise/planning/motivation and weight and waist circumferance. I felt so strong and positive in that conversation. I haven’t finished this journey yet but I have come so far. I know that having those check in calls last year did help my motivation and commitment. I highly reccomend getting as much support as you can, be it a group, family or friends, online forums or govt sponsored programs. Wouldn’t it be a good thing if we could be there for each other as we walk our own paths to better health?

2nd Trimester wrap

On the third of April I wrote “A 40 week plan has to be split into 3 trimesters”. Well here I am, wrapping up the second trimester.

These last 13 weeks have been a period of finding my own path and consolidation of good healthy living habits. I started counting kJ at the beginning of April and needed to increase my food intake as I realised I had not been eating enough. I then looked at an average day of food in terms of the macronutrients I was getting to make sure my intake was balanced. What I am eating now is a good balance for me, nothing extreme and nothing denied. In working all this out, I developed a much better understanding of how exercise impacts my energy requirements. As a result, my weight has loss slowed in the last 13 weeks from an average of 1.5kg a week in my first trimester to an average of 1 kg a week in the second. I am really pleased with this.

I have kept building my exercise routine as well. In April I challenged myself to exercise every day of the month. In May I started parking further away from work to increase my incidental exercise. In June I started resistance training. Somewhen as well, I started including jogging intervals during my walks. I now aim to exercise 5-6 days a week and to spend about 5 hours a week exercising. And I have done this pretty consistently over the last 13 weeks. With winter coming on it was also important to find ways to keep exercising and so I am doing more inside now. I use my exercise DVD 2-3 times a week and am really pleased that I have it. Most mornings at the moment are below 0’C and I don’t want to go out walking when it is that cold and it is also dark. But I am looking forward to August when it will be light enough in the morning to go walking… I miss my early Monday morning walks.

Work also changed for me in April, I went from 3 days a week to 4 days a week and I am still adjusting to that. The four days are better for work, the three days were better for me and home life. Working the extra day meant that I had to plan meals a little better and plan exercise a little better. It also means the cleaning is done less frequently and things are left lying about…

I am still participating in the Get Healthy Program. The next call is my last call as it is only a 6 month program. I really enjoying getting calls every 3-4 weeks from a health coach. It was like having my own little cheer squad. And there was always something to think about after the call.

It is really good to realise that I have also not been sick as much in the last 13 weeks. I know that as I increased my exercise in the first third of my plan that I was not eating enough. I think that I really was pushing myself too far and my immune system was struggling. I was also exposed to alot of germs as my toddler bought home every sniffle and cough from daycare. The combination of all that meant I had 4 colds by April and a couple of nasty infections as well. But since then, I have had no illnesses to complain about. I am so pleased that I moved to kJ counting and started eating more!

So, what do I want to work on for the final 14 weeks of the plan?

I want to run. I am going to register for the Up and Running Online Course (www.upandrunningonline.org) starting Sep 5. It is an 8 week course and will give me a goal that ends after my 40 week plan which I think is really important. So, until then I want to work on increasing my fitness with jogging intervals in my walks and with resistance training.

I want to keep eating well, cooking new things, enjoy the occasional baking and track my food and exercise.

I want to think about what motivates me and make sure that I have things in place for when my 40 weeks is up. I will still be about 30kg from my goal weight and that means I can’t stop. Actually, stopping is not an option I think about. These changes are not ones I have picked up to lose weight and that I can stop when I am done. At 70kg overweight I think I will always need to keep an eye on what I am doing. This doesn’t scare me like it did once. Tracking my food and making sure I eat a balanced kJ aware diet and planning in regular exercise seems a small cost for a healthy life.

Get Healthy!

This morning I had my 12 week phone call with my Get Healthy* Coach, Michelle. It was good 🙂 I was able to update her on my weight and waist measurement and talk about how I have moved from counting points to counting kJ. It is nice to get the confirmation from someone who is trained that I am going well. She said that my 8500kJ sounds about right for me with my activity levels. And we talked about the speed of my weight loss and how I am trying to increase my food a little. She asked about how confident I am to get to my goal weight. She cheered me on with my weight loss. She encouraged me with my exercise to keep going. I am surprised how fast the first 3 months has gone 🙂 I am glad I have another 3 months of calls 🙂

* The Get Healthy Program is an initiative currently being run in some states of Australia. It is a free program where you sign up and get 6 months of phone calls (up to 10 calls) from your own coach to help with your health and fitness goals. I signed up in the 2nd week of Jan when I was starting out.

Hurray for non-scale victories


This morning my man said ‘I can see the weight you’ve lost’. He is the first one to comment and it made me happy and I walked taller. Yay! He is the best man 🙂

And, on my walk this morning, I made it up to the path that goes round the hill without stopping for a breather on the way. It is not really steep, but the first 10 minutes of the walk is uphill and up till now, I have needed one or two breathers. I felt really good this morning. My fitness levels have increased.

And, I had a call from my Get Healthy Coach* this morning and it was good to check in with her and talk about my stress of the last two weeks. She is very supportive and helps me see things from a slightly different perspective.

And, you know when you wear clothes that are snug and you move your arms and the fabric moves with you? Well, some of my work clothes are getting loose and when I move my arms they now move inside the fabric.

* I am doing something called the Get Healthy Program which is run by the state govts here in Australia. It is a 6 months program and I get a coach who calls me every 2-3 weeks in that time. She is there for support and motivation and ideas and I am happy I signed up.

General Updatery for today

I just had my catch up with my health coach from the Get Healthy Program*. It was nice to be able to report in and say what the challenges were in the last couple of weeks and how I had met them; that I am thinking about incorporating a little more exercise into my week and planning how to do so; that I am thinking about why I got this way so that I can look at making changes which are not superficial. (There will be an entry about this when I have thought it through a bit more). It is really nice to get the affirmation that I am doing things well, that I am making progress. It is nice to be asked about how the changes already implemented are going and whether they are sustainable. The next call is in 2 weeks and I look forward to it.

I don’t think that today will be ‘New Food Friday’ or whatever I called it last week. I am just not well enough to get adventurous with dinner tonight. And I don’t have much of a sense of taste at the moment and that really sucks. I think I will make a light version of Chilli Con Carne and work out how it fits into my food allowance. It is always good to have some Chilli in the freezer for a quick, lazy, healthy meal. Chilli with 1 tortilla and salad on the side sounds fantastic. And if I make a non-spicey version then my little boy can eat it too. Would it still be called Chilli if it is not???

* The Get Healthy Program is being run by the New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmanian governments in Australia and you need to live in one of these areas to participate. It is a free service which gives you a health coach with up to 10 phone calls over a 6 month period. It is about support, motivation, accountability and advice around making changes and moving to a healthier lifestyle. This was my second call today.

End of Week 3

And I rock 🙂

Yesterday was my challenging day. We went on a day trip to sydney to my sister’s place. And food wise things worked out – even with me not preparing 2 meals.

I had food for the trip and my two light breakfasts for the road. And then we had hamburgers for lunch and my sister made them and has this little pattie press and so I knew how much mine weighed. And there was cake. I wasn’t expecting the cake. It was served with peaches and raspberries so I was ok there. And I had two small forks of cake. It was really nice. But you know, I didn’t want it. I had not planned for it and I could not bring myself to have anymore. It was an interesting experience. Morning tea and afternoon tea I had apple bars. And dinner was pasta with tuna. I don’t know the exact amounts of what I had but I can guess based on what I have been doing the last three weeks. Adding all the points up I came in right on target. Not even part of a point over. That was amazing.

I chatted with my sis and brother in law with what I was doing and I found that conversation stressful. It got me down in fact. My sis has lost so much weight that I find it demotivating. And talking numbers is something I have always hated. It was good though to share some tips with each other. She is doing so much exercise but not really focussed on the eating part. And that was interesting.

Today I did alot of stuff. My man is not here and it was on the go all the time. I took the pup for a walk with the pram and that was not fun. I need to remember that the walk needs to be different when I take the dog. I am tired now. And I am happy that I am at the end of the week.

I had my first chat with the Get Healthy coach Michelle on friday and that was good. I am really pleased that I signed up for it. It is one more way I can be accountable. And looking through the material has made me think about incidental movment. And also on friday i bought a csiro diet cookbook and I am going to enjoy looking at that.

This fortnight is going to be hard financially. I hope that I don’t have to make too many food compromises because of that.

20 Jan – 17 days in…

I am still going really well. I have started using mapmywalk.com again.

I am losing weight well, maybe too fast but I still think that will settle down.

I have got the material for the Get Healthy program. And I am reading it and learning stuff. And what I am doing is not what the books reccomend. What I am doing is much more the csiro diet than I realised. But as I lose weight and drop points it is the protein serves that I will drop from my diet, not others. And that will then bring what I am eating in line with the get healthy guidelines. And there is a journal for me to use and put my goals in. I am going to do it because I want to use every advantage I have to get me going and keep on track.

I need to think about incidental movement.

And my dinner options list worked just like it should! I was pleased I put in the work. I am really happy with that.

I took my bust, waist hip measurements this morning. I will just jot them here so they are down.
waist 55″”, bust is that -3″” and hips are that +1.5″”. I used some string to measure and just checked it against my craft mat.

Week 2 Stats

Yay for Week 2!
In week 2 I:
went walking on 4 days in the week (which was my goal)
tracked for all meals (except for Saturday lunch where I was out)

I weighed in this morning at 135.8kg (299lbs) with a loss of 1.2kg (2.6lbs). That is a total of 5.1 kg lost (11.2lbs).

Notables of this week past: diarrhoea (incredibly stressful situation) followed by constipation as my digestive system adjusted. Getting my period which was the worst one for a while because of stopping breastfeeding at the beginning of the year. Taking dinner and some snacks to a regular games night which meant that I was in control of my food and stuck to my plan. Talking to a health coach from the Get Healthy program and being honest with him about my weight. Man it is hard to do.

This week’s challenge is a day trip to visit my sister almost 3 hours away. The morning drive I will want to have breakfast on the run. And on the drive home in the night I will want to have sugar and caffeine to keep me going. I need to think about how to plan this trip. Not worried about food at my sister’s place with her own success at getting fit and healthy.

This week’s goals: walk on 4 days and lose 1 kg (2.2lbs).

Action items: take my bust-waist-hip measurements so that I can keep track of those as well.

Four days in

I feel good, it is easy as long as I have control. Exercise on 2 days. Have tracked for 4 days and have stayed within points. Am sleeping reasonably well. I am tired, though. I got on the scales this morning and have lost over 2kg. I had thought I was retaining water so I am not that surprised.

I have one point left today. I don’t know how to spend it. I could have a chocolate. I have 10 activity points after exercise that I have not spent. So, I could have a milo. Or I could just leave it alone. I am not hungry so I think I will leave it.

I have set up a list of dinner options in my phone and recipes so that if I don’t know what to have I have 20 odd options which I can look to. There are recipes for slow cooking and recipes for fast cooking. Recipes for low points and some that are a little higher in points. But the point is I should not be caught out with no ideas and resort to bad choices.

I already feel like it is a little overwhelming. But that is my tired thoughts speaking. I have done so well. I went out this afternoon with the some friends and there were nuts and home made fruitcake and I did not have any. I have done so well.

It is really about me being able to control my food and having enough time (or tricks) to prepare meals that fit within my program.

There is a new service that the NSW government is providing. It is a phone counselling service for health. It is a 6 month program where you get up to 10 calls to from your own health counsellor to motivate you, check on you, help you. It is not just the NSW Gov but the ACT Gov supports it as well and I just signed up. It is something that might help so I want to use it. I should get a call tomorrow.

I am making some iced tea for mum’s group tomorrow when we are going to the park. There is no sugar add to the tea and the tea itself has no sugar in it but there are apple and strawberry pieces so it is a little sweet. That is going to be my special drink tomorrow.

I need to work on my anchor. The place I want to go to is the memory of walking on the Yorkshire Dales. Or of getting to Hadrian’s wall. These are times where I really wanted something and it was challenging but I did it. And it was about me, about my self awareness that got me there. Both of them involved physical activity. I was strong, indpendent, active and succeeded at what I wanted. These are good things for my anchor. It also needs to be different to me self confidence/relax anchor.

Action items:
refine meal options list
find out about the nsw gov program DONE
work on anchor