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Four days in

I feel good, it is easy as long as I have control. Exercise on 2 days. Have tracked for 4 days and have stayed within points. Am sleeping reasonably well. I am tired, though. I got on the scales this morning and have lost over 2kg. I had thought I was retaining water so I am not that surprised.

I have one point left today. I don’t know how to spend it. I could have a chocolate. I have 10 activity points after exercise that I have not spent. So, I could have a milo. Or I could just leave it alone. I am not hungry so I think I will leave it.

I have set up a list of dinner options in my phone and recipes so that if I don’t know what to have I have 20 odd options which I can look to. There are recipes for slow cooking and recipes for fast cooking. Recipes for low points and some that are a little higher in points. But the point is I should not be caught out with no ideas and resort to bad choices.

I already feel like it is a little overwhelming. But that is my tired thoughts speaking. I have done so well. I went out this afternoon with the some friends and there were nuts and home made fruitcake and I did not have any. I have done so well.

It is really about me being able to control my food and having enough time (or tricks) to prepare meals that fit within my program.

There is a new service that the NSW government is providing. It is a phone counselling service for health. It is a 6 month program where you get up to 10 calls to from your own health counsellor to motivate you, check on you, help you. It is not just the NSW Gov but the ACT Gov supports it as well and I just signed up. It is something that might help so I want to use it. I should get a call tomorrow.

I am making some iced tea for mum’s group tomorrow when we are going to the park. There is no sugar add to the tea and the tea itself has no sugar in it but there are apple and strawberry pieces so it is a little sweet. That is going to be my special drink tomorrow.

I need to work on my anchor. The place I want to go to is the memory of walking on the Yorkshire Dales. Or of getting to Hadrian’s wall. These are times where I really wanted something and it was challenging but I did it. And it was about me, about my self awareness that got me there. Both of them involved physical activity. I was strong, indpendent, active and succeeded at what I wanted. These are good things for my anchor. It also needs to be different to me self confidence/relax anchor.

Action items:
refine meal options list
find out about the nsw gov program DONE
work on anchor