About Me

(The Header Photo is a photo I took at sunrise of Lake George outside Canberra in January 2011)

It is hard to be overweight, I mean seriously overweight. It is hard to buy nice clothes, it is hard to navigate carparks and shopping centres and theatres and public transport. It is hard on your self image and confidence. It is hard on your heart, your joints and your health. And it is damn hard to change the patterns formed during decades of unhealthy living. This is where I find myself; on a journey to a lighter plane of being.

My name is Kate, I am 37, live in Canberra, Australia, have a wonderful partner, and a toddler. In December 2010 I was seriously overweight and decided to make some changes to my life, to get healthy for my future and my family.

I started out on the 3rd of January 2011 weighing 140.9kg (310lbs). I had two main goals for 2011: be committed to a healthy lifestyle for 40 weeks and in that time aim for a 36kg loss and then aim for a weight of 100kg by Christmas, an additional 5 kg. These goals gave me a focus: 40 weeks and 40 by Christmas. And I achieved both of these goals in 2011.

2012 sees me continue on my journey; starting out at 99.7kg (219 lbs). I don’t have a grand plan for 2012; I am trying to take it more slowly. I want to build on the start I made in 2011 by continuing to eat well, track my food and exercise consistently. Additionally, I want to do some ‘head work’ in the area of self acceptance. I think that this might help me with managing stress through food.

I have a list of scale related goals. As I reach them I will cross them off the list. I don’t have timeframes for the remaining goals but as I have a big picture which forms the backdrop of my day to day, they will happen.
– lose 10% of starting weight: 14.1 kg (31 lbs)
– 20 kg loss (44 lbs)
– 50 lb loss (22.7 kg)
– 25 kg loss (55 lbs)
– lose 20% of starting weight: 28.2 kg (62 lbs)
– 29.3 kg loss (64.5 lbs): change in BMI category
– 30kg loss (66 lbs)
– 35 kg loss
– weigh in at less than 100kg (220lbs): 40.9kg loss (90lbs)
– lose 30% of starting weight: 42.3 kg loss (93 lbs)
– 45 kg loss (99 lbs)
– 100 lb loss (45.5 kg)
– 50 kg loss (110 lbs)
– onederland! (weigh in at 90.5kg)
– get into the 80s! (197 lbs)
– weigh in at less than 85 kg (187 lbs)
– weigh in at 83 kg (182 lbs): change of BMI category
– weigh in at less than 80 kg (176 lbs)
– weigh in at less than 75 kg (165 lbs)
– weigh in at less than 70 kg (154 lbs): 50% of start weight gone
– weigh in at 69 kg (153 lbs): change of BMI category to HEALTHY
– weigh in at 65 kg (143 lbs)

3 responses to “About Me

  1. Sounds like you are doing brilliantly 🙂 Keep going and well done x

  2. You are a serious inspiration! The weight is certainly coming off! Well done, and keep it up, I’ll be following to make sure you stay on track…a little accountability never hurt anyone 😉

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