long time…

I am here, even though there is an absence of posting.

Uni has started and all my spare time is being spent trying to do readings, listening to lectures, keeping up with the tuts and questions on the forums. The first couple weeks were very overwhelming. I think I am adjusting to it now. My eating has been crap. I am frustrated about this and complacent at the same time. I am going to start sticking up sheets on the mirror with reasons why I want to live a healthy life. Study gives me more every day – this week the lecture topic was hypertension and how obesity is the main nutritional component which impacts the development of hypertension.

I am finding the straight nutrition topics fun and interesting. Diet and Disease is harder because I sometimes take it a little to personally. I know that my weight has had a negative impact on my health and that damage has been done to my body. That is sometimes hard to reconcile with me being young and feeling like I have everything before me. But I am learning. And losing weight and building my fitness levels will make the risks of things like hypertension and cardiovascular disease less.

It does not help that my eating has deteriorated with my attention focussed elsewhere. I have kept running 3 times a week and that is time that I am really savouring.

So, my goal at the moment is to try and eat a little healthier, stay away from food while I do my lectures, keep up the exercise and not worry too much.

Oh – I made that poached salmon again for my mum last week and it was delicious again!

One response to “long time…

  1. As you continue eating well and exercising, you will find the ability to cope with the workload of your courses. If you feel the desire to snack while hitting the books, try keep it healthy. Reverting back to old eating habits will be a pity as you have done so well thus far in improving your weight and health.

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