5K birthday extragavanza

I am happy, I am weary. This morning I ran 5K in 37.04.

It was a gorgeous morning. My boy woke up a little early so I got up, got him up and had a small breakfast with him. I was dressed in my running gear and made sure I had some water. And then I had some more water. After my man got up, I started getting things together; my watch, my headband, my phone. And then before I could procrastinate too much I headed out.

The temp was 15’C and the skies were blue and clear. A beutiful day for a run.

I got really excited heading out. It was my birthday and I was running!!! This time last year I was not able to run. This time last year I was about to start on my healthy journey and was excited but also nervous about the future. And today I was running!

My warm up is about 1 km and I started out walking with huge arm swings and windmills. At about 500m I started running. I stopped for stretches and wriggled my toes about and then off I went.

The first km I was focussed on going at a slow steady pace. I knew if I wanted to finish strong I had to start slowly. The first part takes me down a path and one of the houses has extended their vegie patch outside the fence and I always want to check out what is growing. This morning the zucchini flowers were out. A little further, a fig tree hangs over the fence. There are so many figs on it now and I don’t know how ripe they are because I couldn’t stop.

The second km is on a path between two suburbs, it is wide and just slightly sloping down hill. I get a view out to the mountains to the south (the Brindabella Ranges). It is my favourite part of the run because I feel the best in terms of action, breathing and strength. The third km takes me along some roads. It is my least favourite part of the route but it is also has my halfway point which means that every step is now closer to the end.

The fourth km takes me to the end of a big loop and then I start heading back home. I go past the fig tree again and I try not to look. I go past the vegie patch. An elderly man was out watering and made some positive comment about me running. I said ‘only 1 more km’ and he cheered me on. I have seen him in the last few months on my runs and to have him recognise me and cheer me on was very cool.

I was shuffling in the 5th km. I refused to walk but I was going slowly. It was the last km and I kept going. I was determined to run the full distance. I came over the bridge and round the corner and saw my usual end point. And I swore because today I was ending 100m further up the path. It seemed a good idea at the time, my man and boy were at the playground to see my finish. But to go past the house and up the (very) slight incline at the end of a hard run just seemed… a very bad idea. But I got there, I threw my arms up into the air in victory!

Total distance was 6.45km, total time was 54 minutes. 5K time was 37.04 minutes. Not my fastest time, not my slowest time. Somewhere very nicely in the middle. And now, 4 hours later, I am tired and weary but not shattered like I was after my first 5K. I may not be speedier but I am recovering faster.

I have run 5K four times since the start of November. I am amazed at what my body can do. My legs are strong! My lungs and heart are strong! I am so proud of what I have achieved. I am looking forward to what happens next.

Running 5K today is my birthday gift to me.

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