Training Plans

I went out running today at lunch time rather than first thing this morning. My plan this morning was to get the early bus to work so I could get the early bus home. Leaving early meant putting off my run till lunch time. This worked well because it was raining this morning. I made it in time for the early bus this morning… I have since discovered that the express bus I wanted to get home does not have an earlier option for my home trip!

Lunch time running was hard today. It had been a couple of weeks since I had gone running at lunchtime. I had been running at other times but *For Reasons* there had been no lunchtime running. Today I got out and got going. The rain had stopped, it was getting muggy as the day warmed up but it was nice to be out. I did my warm up and stretches. I started running. One thing I am trying to do with my longer runs is pace myself a little better so that I am starting slower and am able to finish more strongly. Not that today was a longer run (it is my usual lunchtime route with 750 m warm up, stretch, 2.1km run, 3 min breather, 2.1km run, 750 m cooldown). The first few minutes are always hard but I got through that. I made it to my halfway mark with a time of 13.52 which was a little faster than I was hoping for. My calf muscles were tight so I did some more stretching and headed back. I really struggled on the way back. I started checking my watch from about 3 mins and making deals with myself just to get to that spot or go another minute. My legs felt heavy and things were just not feeling right. At 7 minutes, which I knew would be more than 1km, I dropped back to a walk. I walked for 1 min and then ran again. After another 3 mins I walked again. The second 2.1km stretch took me 16 minutes 40. The entire workout was 53 minutes.

I am really happy that I modified my workout rather than just stopping. Last week I struggled on the monday and I dropped back to a walk and did not run again. Today I tried to work out what was wrong and modified. It was a really positive approach to a workout not going as expected.

Walking back I thought about how I want to structure my exercise next year. I want to keep my running going three times a week. I want to commit to exercise 5 days a week. I want to do strength training. I need it to be sustainable, I need it to fit into my life. I want a plan.

The running course was excellent because I committed to the workouts three times a week. I wrote my running times each week on the whiteboard on the fridge. Having the times there as evidence was a wonderful reminder and motivator. I used a simple stop watch and had the workout written on a piece of sticky paper. It was easy and low key. When I tried to go high tech after the couse I got frustrated when the tracking wouldn’t work properly, I did not write my times on the fridge, I did not have the same commitment to the plan. These are some of the reasons I mentioned above. Next year, from the 2nd of Jan, I am commiting to the Up and Running Bridge to 10K plans. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday have worked well for running so far, I will keep it on those days next year. The next three running workouts, I am going to repeat Week 8 of the 5K Up and Running Course and then do a 5K run.

For strength training, I am thinking about using my free weights at home and whole body moves. I want to do two sessions a week. Looking at my weekly logistics, I can do this on Tuesday and Thursday mornings – I have 40 minutes both mornings so I need to think about what I can fit into that time.

I like getting out at lunchtimes. I have a 4km route that I will walk on Tuesday and Thursday as well as the strength training in the morning. That leaves Friday and Sunday as rest days.

My legs are tired now. I did the right thing in modifying my workout when I was out.

This is the first draft of my training plan for next year; it may be adjusted between now and January but I have a basic plan. I will trial my training plan in January for four weeks to see how it does fit into my life. If it doesn’t work out, I will make changes for February.

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