where work and healthy living intersect

I started my new job this week and I am really pleased with how I have already introduced my healthy routines into my new work atmosphere.

– At my new office, you are not supposed to go through the main foyer in exercise gear. You are supposed to go through the ‘bike’ entrance from the basement. I am ok with this (although I was surprised when I read it initially). In the basement is set up with bike storage, change rooms and lockers, showers and a hairdryer and ironing board and iron. This week, I organised to get a locker so that I can keep my shoes, running belt and hat and some other bits and pieces down in the change rooms so that I can get in and out of the building in my gear easily. It costs $10 a year (plus locker key deposit) and I decided to pay up. I am really pleased I got this set up because it makes it easier for me to get changed and going at lunch times. I like easy options when it comes to my healthy routines.
– I went out at lunch two days this week and am working out a new walking/running route – I mapped it and know distances. It is a little long at the moment but that is ok.
– My colleagues know I go out to exercise which is a good thing. I like that the expectation is that I will go out at lunch. It is also good for me so that I don’t have to explain my red face when I come back.
– It is good for my head that the expectation is I will go out and exercise. There is less thinking about it, I just do it.
– I told my team that I have lost alot of weight. I didn’t give weights but I did talk about clothes sizes. It means that when I refuse to eat something I don’t have to give an explanation.
– It is getting hot as summer approaches. I want to acclimatise to exercising in summer and if I don’t get out then I won’t acclimatise. Getting out twice this week shows me I can run in warmer weather. 30’C is not an excuse not to go out and run.

First week of work is done. I have made some good healthy choices this week when it comes to my work routine.

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