Saggy Baggy

I was out buying some new workout clothes this week. It is starting to get too warm to wear what I had been wearing, I need clothes that will wick!!! So, I was out in the shops and enjoying the choice I had. I also went looking for a new sports bra. I have started noticing on my runs that the sports bras that I have are starting to be less supportive as I lose more weight.

I was in the change room, trying on the sports bra. I looked in the mirror and jumped up and down a couple of times. That was not a good look. The bra worked just fine and that was not what bothered me.

I have lost 45kg in 10 months. And my skin is kind of too big for my body right now and I don’t like it. I quickly pulled a top over my head and then admired myself in the mirror because with clothes on I am looking pretty hot. But without… I am feeling increasingly self concious.

I ramped up the positive self talk… The loose skin is a sign that you have done so well! So what if belly and underarms and thighs are all saggy-baggy – be proud of that! Be proud of loose skin because it speaks of your determination, your commitment and your goals. And, this will change, this will not stay like this. Keep working, keep going and it will get better. It helped a little but not much, so, I made a deal with myself. I could by the cutest bra that I could find in the store. Because I could. Because I could pick any of the styles and it would fit. I have never had so much choice in clothes! I wandered the shop, picking up bras, putting them down and decided I was being silly. I don’t need a new bra to help me feel good about myself. It would be fun, but it is an extravagance at the moment. I can wait till I need to go down another size. I am ok. I am better with the baggy saggy belly than I am being size 24.

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