Let’s get ready to rumble!!!

This morning I am doing a 4km fun walk/run. It has been raining overnight and there are showers predicted for this morning. And I am up, in my gear, having a light breakfast and getting a change of clothes ready to take with me. My enthusiasm for exercise takes me by surprise occasionally!

My plan for the walk is to jog half of it. I want to jog the last km to the finish line. But I would also like to jog half of each of the first three kms. So, this is my game plan.

I woke up with a headache. I don’t know – stress catching up with me, not enough sleep lately, I ate junk last night because of said stress. But I woke and needed painkillers. They have started to work and the drums behind my eyes are easing now. Not a good start to the morning. But I will do this fun walk/run.

One of the reasons I want to do it is because it is part of a 2 event series. The second is on the 30 October and I plan to run that one. I want to know the course, have some idea of the atmosphere so that I don’t get too overwhelmed next time. Also, for doing both I get the T-shirt, bag and something else. I can’t remember.

I don’t know if my man is coming today. The plan was always that he would come to see the end rather than have to come early while we do the registration and warm ups. But it is not so easy with the weather and bringing the toddler. But I know I have lots of support from friends and family who have been with me on this journey who will be cheering me on this morning. And if my man can’t make it today, he will be cheering me on as well.

I am tired. Most of my sentences begin with ‘and’ or ‘but’. I need to start moving again. I will post about how it went later today.


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