Week 1 of Up and Running training

Yesterday I did my first workout for the Up and Running online course. I like the course so far. It looks good, it is well structured. There is alot of support from Shauna and Julia and from the other women doing the course. The first week was all about getting ready – motivations, goals, where to run. And this week the running starts. There are three workouts a week and I will substitute them for some of my routine workouts.

Part of the motivation/goal stuff was about going in fun runs. Signing up and paying to be in a race is a real motivator. So I went looking for events in Canberra and I have signed up and paid for a series of two events. The first one is a 4km walk on 25th September and for the second event I signed up for the fun 4km run at the end of October. My money is down, I am telling people about it, I am going to run in a race! That is something real to work towards 🙂

So, yesterday, I got up at my normal monday morning time, got dressed and went out. It was cold. I checked later and it was about 0’C when I was out and there was a light frost. I had planned my route over the weekend and set off with the instructions written down on a post it note clutched in my hand.

Week 1 workout 1
Total length: 4.1km
Total time: 41 minutes
1km walk: 8.59 minutes
1km ‘faster’: 7.09 minutes

I knew from a couple weeks ago that I could jog 1km, so I was expecting to be able to do that. But usually my walk/jogs are during my lunch break at work. The cold made the jogging harder and I was very happy that I completed the faster km by jogging the whole km.

I will do the same route for the other two workouts this week so I can compare numbers.

In the cool down, after jogging for 1km, I started singing in my head. I still am thrilled to have started 😀


One response to “Week 1 of Up and Running training

  1. Just stumbled onto your blog by accident, but wanted to congratulate you on getting started on your online course. It’s so great when we are motivated to try something new and stick with it. I’m trying out some new workouts these days too, and enjoying it (but it’s still hard!) so far!

    Keep it up 🙂

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