Tuesday weigh in…

Yesterday I got up early and did my first running workout with Up and Running. That was excellent – and needs to be the subject of its own post.

But I want to backtrack to Saturday first. I ate too much on Saturday. Then on Sunday I started off with a light breakfast, small morning tea and sensible lunch. I had baked a cake to take to a friends christening and the cake was too warm when I was slicing it and it crumbled… and I ate some of the crumbly bits….

Sunday afternoon and evening I slipped into ‘I don’t care, I am going to eat whatever I want’ mode. It is one of those crazy modes where I don’t know how to break it. So, I overate. Chocolate, nuts, more cake, crackers. And I was not hungry and I started feeling so full I was uncomfotable. I don’t understand it now trying to write about it.

So, Monday morning was the first morning for Up and Running. I went out, did my work out, came back and jumped on the scales. And got what I expected and deserved. But I also know my system and I decided to give it another day to keep moving. This morning I got on scale again. And I will take this weight and say that is ok – up just over a lb from Saturday and about the same as last week.

Today’s weight: 100.4 kg (221 lbs)

I am frustrated with myself. I am either in control or have no control. There does not seem to be a middle ground. If I stop tracking in a day it is almost as if ‘don’t know, don’t care’ comes into force.

This weekend is going to be interesting. We have a party on Saturday. There will be food that I prepare and food that other people bring. There will be left overs. I can see the same thing could happen again and I don’t want it to. I want that number to stay below 100! So, I need to do things differently. I need to be able to enjoy the party but not forget that I want to be healthy. I need to put things out of sight after the party so that it is easier for me to stay on track the next day. I might buy a special bracelet or wear a special tie about my wrist that I can touch or flick to remind myself to do things differently.

I am not going to beat myself up about my choices on Saturday or Sunday. But I want to learn from them. I am strong, I am determined. I also want to find balance but I don’t think that is something I can work out this week. That is a long term goal.


4 responses to “Tuesday weigh in…

  1. Having been down this very road, here is my advice:

    * Eat your usual healthy meals + snacks and be sure to drink lots of water leading up to the party. Keep your glass / bottle full of water throughout the party. Water will help flush out whatever extras come your way, and will help you feel in control. If all else fails, you’ve been drinking lots of water.

    * Think about what you would really like to have to eat at the party. What’s the best part? Promise yourself that you’ll have a little bit of your favourite, really enjoy it and move on as soon as the bites you take stop tasting as good as the first one. Often, the first bite is worth it but the third or fourth (or thirteenth or fourteenth) starts to lose it’s appeal. STOP. If it doesn’t taste as good as the first bite, it isn’t worth it to keep eating it.

    * Make specific rules about the foods that trigger you. For me, I am not “allowed” to have potato chips (crisps) at parties / in public. I am able to control myself if there aren’t any distractions (i.e. I ask my husband for one or five or his) but I lose my mind at a friend’s house, etc. My other rule is that if I don’t like it, I don’t finish it. If take a sweet, take a bite and it isn’t blowing my mind, I put it back on my plate or napkin (serviette) and dispose of it at an appropriate time.

    * Send the leftovers home with people, especially those things that trigger your eating. Crackers, crisps…whatever. If there’s something that fits your nutritional plan or would help with your hubby’s lunch, keep a serving of it, but put it aside for that purpose only. Have lots of saran / cello wrap on hand and make sure the goodies leave the house. If anyone refuses, tell them “It’s delicious and we appreciate it, but we don’t keep these kinds of goodies in the house anymore. [Thank you so much for bringing it / Please take some home with you and enjoy.]”

    * If all else fails, take it to work for your colleagues or throw it out. Don’t feel guilty about this. If there were little kids around, you can always tell yourself that it was contaminated by sticky fingers and probably shouldn’t be kept. 🙂

    Last but most important – remind yourself that you’ve come a long way. It’s one day and you’re doing so much better than you were. Even your worst day this year is probably better than your best day a year ago (this was always true for me, even when I felt like I’d lost my mind). Put the day behind you and get back on your plan. Record your food as usual and don’t be embarrassed about it. Make a note in your journal about the party and include a tip for your future self. i.e. Overdid it tonight. I’ll be sure to bring Perrier and a fun, healthy snack next time.

    You ARE in control. You are more in control today than in the past. And you will be more in control tomorrow.

    • Thanks, Jilanna. That is very good advice. I am going to read this again on Saturday morning and I am going to set a reminder in my phone to make sure I remember to.

  2. You’re welcome. 🙂 I’ll be cheering for you on Saturday!

    Remember to focus on what you can have (including looking forward to a special treat) and pat yourself on the back for the good choices you make. It sometime helps to keep score. Bad food 0: Good food 4!

    Social / special occasions are challenging as you get to know your new self. It will get easier each time, I promise, especially as others become more and more aware of the new you.

  3. …meaning they’ll want to support you, too. 🙂

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