Creamy Mushroom Soup

I will post a recipe that is not soup soon. But this one is really nice and I just want to post a recipe today.

I am still loving the soup maker. I have made more pumpkin soup and today I made chunky chicken and veg soup for lunch. But then I made Creamy Mushroom Soup. It actually has no cream in it but is soo smooth and creamy. And it tastes delicious. I am really looking forward to having it for lunch tomorrow. I am going to have a toasted cheese sandwich with it 🙂

Creamy Mushroom Soup
1 tsp olive oil
150g leek, sliced roughly
120g potato, peeled and roughly diced
300g mushroom, sliced
2 cups stock (chicken or vegetable)
Salt and Pepper to taste

Heat the oil in a saucepan, add the leek, stir and saute till soft. I then threw all the ingredients in the soupmaker and pressed the ‘smooth’ button and walked away. But otherwise, I would add the potato, mushroom, stock and cook for 20 minutes and then blend. Add salt and pepper to taste. And, if I were not making it in the soupmaker, I would double the quantity.

Serves 3
Nutritional Information
Total: 1233kJ, 6.7 g fat, 21.9 g protein, 28.1 g carbohydrate, 11.3 g fibre
Per serve: 411kJ, 2.2 g fat, 7.3 g protein, 9.4 g carb, 3.8 g fibre

2 responses to “Creamy Mushroom Soup

  1. This sounds delicious – I love mushroom soup.

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