Celebrating success

I never did go for my massage after the first 13 weeks to reward myself. I was going to do it after 20 weeks but didn’t. I found out prices and went up to book but they were closed. And I did not get any further.

Today I went to a craft show and bought a dress. I wasn’t expecting dresses at the craft show. The style is a wrap around, tie it up, reverse the sides, can wear it in at least 10 different ways style of dress. There are many things I like about it. It is in my colours. It is gorgeous. It fits me now and it will fit me as I continue to lose weight. It was not cheap but if I had rewarded myself at 13 and 26 weeks like I had planned, I have come out about even.

I don’t have my dress yet. That is the other thing I like. I will get the dress in 4 weeks or so. I will have it for the beginning of october, when I celebrate completing 40 weeks of my plan.

This dress is my reward to myself, to celebrate my success, my body, my journey and my future.

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