10 weeks to go

I have started the countdown – 10 weeks to go in my original 40 week commitment. It is exciting! I feel good, I feel confident. I know I am struggling with work stress but overall, the majority of my choices are healthy ones and I am managing alright. The exercise really helps with the stress. So do the pots of tea that I have. I like my teapot at work 🙂

This past week I exercised 7 days in the week. That hasn’t happened since the first week of July although I always aim for it. I usually get over 5 hours total even if it is not every day and I am happy with that. This week I got 5 hours 50 minutes exercise and was very happy with that, especially with the jogging yesterday. That was brilliant. My eating was on track all week except on one night when I was feeling a bit grumpy/hormonal/stressed. But it was only the one night. But these off track occasions are happening more frequently and I don’t like that it is so easy to slip into old patterns of stress management. This week I really don’t want to binge. Eating more than my target is ok for special occasions but binging is not ok. There are a couple of things this week which are special. We are going out for dinner and I have a birthday party to go to, a naming celebration and a gathering at my house next sunday. That is life – things happen and I will manage these occasions as best as I can.

So, stats 🙂 I had a good loss this week and I am very happy with that.

Start weight: 140.9 kg (310 lbs)
Today’s weight: 103.2 kg (227 lbs)
This weeks loss: 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)
Total lost: 37.7 kg (83 lbs)

I am getting very close to weighing less than 100kg. That will be a big goal achieved. That was my goal to reach by Christmas and I am almost already there. I need to think about my goals and plan post 40 weeks. That will be coming up in the next month. But not today, today I enjoy where I am.


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