Introducing Kate, the jogger :D

This morning I went on my walk up the hill, round the top and back. This is the walk that took me 80 minutes when I first went on it in April. I used to avoid it because it has the steepest route up the hill. Now it is my 60 minute walk.

I did four jogging intervals this morning: 3.22, 1.15, 5.02 and 6.39 minutes! Over 5 minutes! And then a second time!!!!!

At some point I noticed in that third interval that my breathing had smoothed from that gaspy ‘jogging’ breath to just in and out. And I started looking up. And it was no longer a case of I will just try and make it to *pick landmark*. But I was thinking I will just keep going until I stop.

And in the fourth interval my breathing smoothed out again and I looked up and I stretched my legs a little more. And I was jogging.

I can no longer say that I am trying to jog. I have to own up to being a jogger.


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