new week updatery

I stayed the same! Well, I went up 0.1 kg (0.2 lbs) so I am claiming that as staying the same!

This past week my exercise was down (I got in 3 1/2 hours and most of that was on the weekend) and my eating was higher than it has been since I started counting kJ, averaging at 9200kJ. Looking purely at the numbers, I was still on track for losing about a pound but with last weeks mega loss my body was not going to let that happen.

What I want to do this week is bring the kilojoules back down again, averaging at about 8200kJ for the week. In the last couple weeks I was having a hot milky drink or a little bit of chocolate after dinner and that was where (some of) the increased kJ were coming from. I will nip that in the bud! One tactic that usually works is brushing my teeth a little while after dinner. I don’t get the munchies if I have clean teeth… I also want to exercise every day, with 3 sessions of strength training. The strength training is not yet a habit and I need to keep it up so that the habit starts to form. The weather forecast for this week predicts mainly dry days so I should be able to meet my exercise targets.

Other challenges this week include a day trip to visit my sister. Long drives in the car have always led to snacking for me so I will plan the day trip quite carefully to try and limit bad snacking…

When my work days went from 3 to 4 I stopped blogging mid week and I miss that. It is also a little trickier to cook new things and I miss that too. I am planning to cook something on Wednesday night for dinner. It will be something easy, something fast and hopefully, something really tasty!

This is my 25th week of healthy eating and exercise. It was around 6 months in my previous attempts when I got a little complacent and lost my way. I really wanted to avoid this and so the plan I developed included a 40 week commitment. Not that the healthy living ends after 40 weeks; not at all. But 40 weeks brings me well over the 6 month mark and has given me a real focus. And in the next fortnight I complete two thirds of my 40 weeks and I want to make these two weeks really positive, self affirming weeks. It is my future I am preparing for, it is my present that I am living and celebrating with good healthy food and fun activities.


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