Missing exercise? That’s new!

It has been an interesting week. My exercise has been derailed fore the last 4 days and I am missing it. I am missing the physical exertion and I am missing the mental space I get when I go walking on my own. I feel overstretched and I am reacting to little things. And I also want to eat more. I am looking forward to this morning. I am going to do some cardio, some resistance training and wrap it all up with an hour of housecleaning. I get a clean house and exercise! Win – Win!

My eating this week has been on the higher side all week. I don’t know if my body is reacting to a large loss last week, the cold, the lack of exercise or all of the above and more. But, I am on target for losing about 0.5kg (1 lb) considering my food intake and exercise so I am still pleased with that. Who knows what the scales will read on Monday. And speaking of scales…

I have bought a new set of scales. The battery in my old ones is getting low and I decided to get some new scales in the sales to replace it rather than just changing the battery. I bought a set that do body fat, body water as well as weight. I tested it out the other night and weigh the same on it as I do the old ones 🙂 The only thing it doesn’t do is play back the last readings for me, which means if I want to record all the readins I need to write them down while standing on the scale. As I will only be recording weight regularly it should not bug me too much…

[4 hours later]

I feel much better for having done some exercise. I need to remember this 🙂

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