Puzzle Pieces

I weighed in this morning at 111.1kg – which looked pretty cool on the scales 🙂 And coming back from my walk at lunch today, a colleague commented that I looked really good, that I had alot of energy. And this is from someone I have always thought has flair. How nice is that!

Start weight (3rd Jan 2011): 140.9 kg (310 lbs)
Today’s weight: 111.1 kg (244.4 lbs)
This week’s loss: 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)
Total loss: 29.8 kg (65.6 lbs)

I am really pleased with the loss this week. May was a stop-start kind of month with the numbers on the scale. The loss this week is more than I expected given my kJ intake and my exercise but when I look over the last 4 weeks, I am pretty close to where I had hoped to be.

I am excited today that I changed BMI categories. I can drop the morbid, now, I am only obese. I remember back in February when I freaked out about my BMI and how far away I was from a healthy BMI. I was so scared, so overwhelmed. I gave that number so much power and it crushed me. (link to post)

I am more than my BMI. So much more. And I am also more than a number on the scale. I am a partner, mother, friend, lover, artist, musician, daughter. While I am so pleased to lose the word ‘morbidly’ from my BMI category, it is (and was) just information. It is only a small piece of information which can be useful and I have so much more information that is useful on a day-to-day.

Things like:
– walking up the stairs at work today, getting to the third floor and not being out of breath. I was pleasantly surprised 🙂
– doing my 50 minute lunchtime walk in 45 minutes today
– wanting to do my 50 minute lunchtime walk when it was 9’C (48’F) outside
– looking in the mirror and seeing I take up less space
– knowing how I was tracking with my food this afternoon because I had marked it down in my tracker, knowing that the little treat I had would fit into my kJ target before I ate it
– fitting into, and feeling good in, my clothes

It is so easy to lose sight of the goal because a piece of information is not what was expected, especially when you are told how important that information is. One piece of information is only one part of the jigsaw. I am much better off looking at the picture as a whole than fixating on any one piece. Of course, some pieces are harder than others to manage and I am not trying to say this is easy. But as more pieces are fitting together, as I think more about where I have come from and where I want to go, it is getting easier to see that finished picture.


2 responses to “Puzzle Pieces

  1. Congratulations on your BMI change! And on all the other positive changes that have happened 🙂

    • Thank you, Colline! It is exciting right now. People are starting to comment on my weight loss! And this morning I could wrap the towel around me getting out of the shower and it didn’t gape! That was an excellent moment 🙂 Sometimes the little things really show me how far I have come.

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