Just some random bits and pieces

I was out walking on Tuesday in my lunch break, up on the track above the suburb near work. And a fox ran out, across the track and up the hill. It was cool.

I finally have a dumbell set. It was $20 from ebay and would have cost about $100 new. I haven’t used it yet, I will have a look on Sunday when I do my resistance training.

Hormones really have messed up my eating this week. Or maybe I am doing a good job of listening to my body and giving it what it asks for? That is a different way of looking at it and I like that way more 🙂

Today is the 3rd of June. I started on the 3rd of Jan. I like checking off little milestones like that.

In May, out of the 31 days, I exercised on 28 of them and in total walked just over 100kms.


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