Today’s food

55g Sultana Bran
125 mL fat reduced milk
1 30g slice multigrain bread
2 tsp (10g) almond butter – I made it and it is just almonds and a bit of cinnamon and vanilla
Latte made with 180mL fat reduced milk and 60mL espresso

30 min DVD work out + 10 min resistance

100g frozen blueberries
200g fat reduced natural yoghurt

48g multigrain tortilla
20g reduced fat cheddar cheese
60g ham
2 lettuce leaves, about 30g
1/2 lebanese cucumber, about 100g
capsicum slices (about 40g)
rainbow slaw (a mixture of shredded carrot, beetroot and broccoli), about 50g
Latte made with 180mL fat reduced milk and 60mL espresso

40g raw cashews
apple, about 300g

2*15 min walks with a friend. We walked to the park 15 mins away with our toddlers in the prams. Toddlers played for 90 mins and then we walked back.

Kangaroo roast (roast weighed 400g raw and I had a little under half of the cooked meat)
100g potato wedges
100g carrot
100g broccoli
1 tbs chilli tomato sauce that my man made

I measure some things on the scales but not others. Things that already come in portion sizes (lettuce leaves, carrots, cucumber, apples, bread) I guestimate based on an initial weighing. Other things (cashews, blueberries, wedges, cereal) I do weigh every time because it is so easy to over estimate. My scales live out on the bench and it is easy just to put my bowl on the scales, measure what I need and then measure the next thing in.

Today’s food brings me to about 7500 kJ after dinner. My daily target is 8200kJ, so I am down a bit today. Although, I do try and look at my daily target as being an average over a week. This means that if I am over on a particular day, or have a special event planned, I can manage that over a week.

On a normal work day I would have had a bit more salad for lunch with a little bit of salad dressing; and slightly different snacks including another half a serve of fruit. I was down about 500kJ before dinner and tonight’s dinner was a light one.

I could have had a drink of alcohol with dinner but I generally don’t like taking my kilojoules as alcohol. I would much rather eat them. I could have some dessert or chocolate. Or a hot drink of milk before bed. I really like hot milk with a tsp of golden syrup at the moment! It is delicious!

I checked out how much icecream I could have and it is not enough for me. So it is better for me to avoid it then be left craving more. I could have 20g chocolate and that much usually satisfies me. Funny, isn’t it, how different foods play on one’s mind.

I think probably the hot milk wins but I will make that call after dinner. Sometimes it is nice to share a little bit of chocolate with my man while we are watching something together ๐Ÿ™‚ Hot milk would add 600kJ and chocolate would add 500kJ. Both options leave me a little under my target and that is ok. Yesterday I was about 100 over…

One thing I find with tracking food is that I am able to look at what I have had in a day and then adjust. And I like that I can be flexible in this way. The knoweldge of how a particular day is going gives me the information I need to make better choices in light of my daily target and overall goals. As soon as I leave the tracking to the end of the day I discover that I underestimated how much I ate at the time – or I don’t remember it all – and I am then left short. I have only tracked at the end of a day a couple times. It was when I was on the road and I had not thought things through all that well. I find that even when I don’t know the actual values it is better for me to make a guess, log it and then come back later to check the kJ value.

Today has been a good day ๐Ÿ™‚

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