Home again

I did weigh in this morning, the scales went up and I was not surprised given yesterday. I was in the car for 7 hours yesterday and things did not go so well food wise. Which after my mindset on Sunday is a little disappointing but it was an unusual day. There was a distinct lack of thought with regards to what I ate, what I should eat to keep me going and when I should eat. I also didn’t get any exercise yesterday. Some of the scale increase is due to water, some was due to changes in fibre content which had slowed down my system. It will all even out in the end. But I don’t think I will post the stats today. I will wait till next Monday for next week’s stats…

Today I am back on track, I had a normal day and am right on target. I did my 30 min cardio DVD again, with much more coordination and I started my resistance tube workout. The resistance tube workout builds up over a couple of months. There are 9 exercises (including squats, lunges and crunches) and I started out with 1 set of 10 reps for each exercise. This week I will do the workout twice, next week three times and then I will look at doing 2 sets of maybe 8 reps in the third week. I did the resistance tube workout after the warmup on the DVD but before the cardio section. I thought it worked well together. I am glad that I am starting slow because my thighs are aching now.

I have the rest of the week off work. I will do some cooking to stock the freezer back up with healthy dinner options. I will exercise every day. I will relax. I might try to get to a few second hand clothes shops or do some window shopping in normal clothes shops. I am even trying to get in that massage I owe myself for completing one third of my 40 week commitment. It is good to be home after being away 🙂

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