On the road to nowhere

Today I bought an exercise DVD so I can work out inside. It is too cold in the mornings now and yesterday it was foggy as well. I don’t like going out in the dark when it is foggy and cold. So, now I have a back up plan.

I chose a walking DVD with 3 30 minute work outs on it. I have just completed the cardio work out. I got surprisingly sweaty šŸ™‚ It was cheesy and I started off making snide comments. But I stopped talking once I got going because I needed to breathe. And I need to concentrate. Some of the footwork was a little tricky for the first time. I will try and coordinate legs and arms next time. At the end my comments were not snide at all.

Apparently I walked 1 1/2 miles. I don’t even know how far that is! Ok – I do now šŸ™‚ 1 mile is 1.6 km, so 1 1/2 miles is 2.4 km. The dog got a bit excited, especially with the little jumps that we had to do. She wanted to go outside for a walk… But I was going nowhere tonight.

I feel good. It was fun. I will do the cardio one again before looking at doing the accelerated workout (with intervals) or the toning workout (with weights).

I think I will take it away with me on for this weekend. I am not sure if I would feel comfortable doing the exercise with my room mates about but I might be able to fit it in šŸ™‚ And they might want to join in.

2 responses to “On the road to nowhere

  1. Which exercise DVD was it?

    • Prevention fitness systems: Walk yourself fit

      Do you use exercise DVDs? Do you have any recommendations? It is so hard to know from the cover what to make of it and I think word of mouth on these things is a good way to go.

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