Exercise thwarted by toddler tantrum

I wanted to go walking this morning. And I tried, I really did. I got up, got dressed, got my little boy ready, we had breakfast, we put more layers on and got the pram ready. And he did not want to go. We set off anyway; sometimes he will settle down once we are moving. And he did, for the first 5 minutes. Then he started crying and arching his back. I gave it another minute and he did not settle. I jogged 2/3 of the way home and once inside he escalated to a tantrum.

It took another 15 minutes to settle him. It required some time on the floor thrashing abhout, some time being held between the two of us and some time on my lap being rocked, with me singing the songs he knows. And when I asked for a kiss, and he gave me one, I knew it was ok again. He slipped off my lap and went over to his dad for more cuddles.

We often go for walks after breakfast. But it was about 0’C when we went out – that would have been the coldest he had been exposed to. I thought it would have been ok with gloves and hat and several layers and in a sleeping bag in the pram.


My plan now is to stay home for a few hours with my little boy and just make sure he is ok. Then we will go to the shops and I will buy an exercise mat and skipping rope for home. (I have ordered resistance bands but they are not here yet otherwise I would get some of them, too.) We will walk around the shops and possibly venture outside if my little boy is up to it. We might go to a park and we could play chasing games.

I might need to rethink my early morning walks through the winter. Having some basic equipment at home is a good start for backup plans.

Edit: I did get out this afternoon with my little boy in the pram. I also got my exercise mat and skipping rope. I am tired and feel a little flat. I am very glad that I have a couple of easy days ahead.


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