Progress with exercise

I have been looking back through my posts from Jan and Feb. It is already May and I am still going strong! It is so exciting.

I have been thinking again about tweaking my exercise. I started with walking. About a month ago I started adding in small sections of jogging on some walks. I am talking about small sections. I started with 20 meters a couple times a walk. I am building on it, though. Sometimes I jog with the pram, which sends my little boy to sleep. Sometimes I jog with the dog, which she does not enjoy. I don’t often get to jog on my own but I am jogging.

On average, for the last 4 weeks I have been doing about 5 hours of exercise a week over 6 or 7 days. And I find that I really miss it when I have not been out walking for a few days. It is such a great time to think, to reaffirm what I am doing, to have some space from work. I really like getting out on my lunch break and going for a 40 or 50 minute walk. It means I then eat at my desk but I have been out in the air and the light and feel so much better for it.

I have also been wanting to introduce some resistance training and I am getting my plans together. I have some workout plans from and they look great. I found them through – I have to say I think Carla is pretty amazing and when I saw that she had something like this out I jumped on them. I have not started yet, my plan is to get my gear together and start in June. I have a couple weeks holiday in May and I will start doing the individual exercises so that I get the feel of them and work on the mind-muscle connection. Then in June, I will start. It will be a good work out to get me through the winter. I am getting resistance bands and want to get some free weights as well. It is exciting to be working on something new.


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