Friday Fatigue

It is almost a year since I went back to work after being on maternity leave. I went back 3 days a week (M,T and T). And 4 weeks ago I picked up another day. I am now doing M-T. And I am tired. I don’t have quite enough time to put things away so the place always looks pretty shocking. And it frustrates me. I don’t have time to faff as much at the computer. And I miss my Wednesdays at home. It also means that Friday is catch up – on cleaning, shopping and any appts are now on Friday. It is harder to be organised to cook something new on Fridays. I always intend to but… I usually don’t have the energy by the time I get to Friday.

Today I had intended to cook a dish that I have cooked once a couple of years ago – I know because I blogged about it elsewhere. I made it up, being inspired by a couple of other dishes I had either had or heard about. I found my comments on it last weekend, worked out the ingredients list and then the kJ per serve and realised that it is a really healthy meal. It is a slow cooked chicken dish with some prunes and lean bacon giving flavour and sweetness to the sauce. I served it with pumpkin mash and steamed green beans. I bought all the ingredients this morning. And, I will make it on Sunday. When I do cook it, I will check the recipe and post it here.

Part of this weekends exercise includes moving firewood from the driveway to the fireshed… It is hard work.

I had thoughts about priorities, assertiveness, how my lifestyle really is different but I will have to catch them another time. It is time to stop, sit down in front of the fire and read a book.


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