Good News Friday!

Yay! My test results are all good. My sugar is excellent, my cholesterol is excellent, my kidney and thyroid are fine. I have one liver hormone that is slightly elevated but it is not a big concern because that one came back a little high in 2007 as well. So it hasn’t progressed in the last 5 years. And it will mostly likely return to normal as I lose weight.

And my doc was impressed with how I am going. I had a copy of my excel spreadsheet stats so he could see how I have been going since the start of the year. I told him about my plan with weight loss and exercise for the rest of the year. I think he was a bit surprised – maybe he was expecting to have a different conversation with the fat girl??

He doesn’t want me to slow down, he did not suggest medication, he listened. These were the to extremes I did not want. I came out really happy with how things went.

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