Then and Now

What is different now compared to last year when I was gaining weight? I was wondering what kind of changes I had made, thought of a few and then all of a sudden, I was able to capture lots of good changes 🙂

Before: Snacks were bigger and more likely to be carb related (cake/biscuits/bread with butter and toppings/ chocolate).
Now: Snacks are nuts/yoghurt/fruit, all are portion controlled.

Before: I took two or more of something (chocolate, cake, bread, biscuits). One was not enough.
Now: Portion control – I take one or I take only the portion that fits into my day.

Before: Finishing the toddler’s food, eating crusts with more peanut butter.
Now: I don’t eat the toddler’s food.

Before: Dinners were more likely to be larger serves, especially with things like rice, pasta and wedges. I used more fat in cooking. There were more dishes with cheese or where cheese was added after.
Now: Rice/pasta/wedges are portion controlled and smaller serves. There is the same size of protein but less fat is used (more grilling or just less oil in the pan). Using leaner cuts of meat.

Before: We had frequent special breakfasts with cheese, egg, sauce.
Now: We still have special breakfasts but not quite as often and I am still working out what they are. They are not out completely.

Before: There was frequent baking of cakes and biscuits to have on hand.
Now: Cakes and biscuits are baked for an event – not just to have on hand in case I want something. And I have only baked 3 or 4 times this year…

Before: I would buy lunch at work or bring leftovers from night before, serves were likely to be larger. Lunch wouldn’t really have vegetables in it (unless they were part of the left overs) so mostly carbs with some protein. Snack time was all the time!
Now: I make healthy lunch for work the night before (healthy and saves me time in the morning). I bring healthy snacks to work which are portion controlled. I try to not eat morning tea or afternoon tea too early (drink water or have a cup of tea)

Before: exercise – I went walking maybe once or twice a month. Only walked on flat. Would park the car as close as possible to where I was going.
Now: exercise – I try to get 30 minutes in 6 days a week. And I go up hills. I try to get in more incidental exercise with parking car.

Before: I wasn’t hungry – even in the morning I wasn’t really hungry. Because I let myself eat all the time I never really got hungry.
Now: I am hungry in the morning, I am hungry for lunch, I am hungry for dinner. Not excessively ‘I will eat my own arm if I don’t get something’ hungry but aware it is time to eat.

Before: I didn’t drink much alcohol last year because I was breastfeeding but did have several drinks a week once the evening breastfeed was dropped in early december.
Now: I have maybe (on average of last 3 months) one drink every 3 weeks?

Before: There were no limits in relation to cheese or chocolate.
Now: I try to avoid cheese because it is something I don’t portion control well. I can have small amounts of chocolate happily without needing more.

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