15 weeks completed!

Only 5 more weeks till I am halfway through my 40 week commitment! I saw a friend yesterday whom I had not seen in a while. She said she did not want to make any comments about how I looked in case I was not on plan anymore (but that I looked good). I thought that was interesting – why would I not be on plan??? And I guess, that it has been 3 months and last year I lasted about 10 weeks before other things took over. And, more generally, it is not uncommon for people to get all fired up about health and fitness at the beginning of the year and then lose interest after a couple months. But I have made it through 3 months and I am still committed to my plan.

This weeks stats:
Start weight: 140.9kg (310 lbs)
current weight 118.0kg (259.6 lbs)
this week’s loss: 0.5kg (1.1 lb)
total lost: 22.9kg (50.4 lbs)

50 lbs is such a cool number to lose!!! I have now lost 50 lbs!!!

This past week had some struggles. I am back on antibiotics and I was not able to keep up with my exercise which was frustrating. But I did do something every day and I am really happy with that. And I tracked every day and my average kJ intake was 8330 kJ. I lost 0.5kg which is right on target for my exercise level and kJ intake this week. And I feel that I have a better understanding of kJ tracking and how to calculate my energy requirements.

On Saturday I went down to the shops and got some new clothes to exercise in. All the new clothes are a little bit snug but they are all size 18!!! Yeah Baby! And it felt good this morning to go walking in my new clothes. I don’t mind that they are snug, they will get me through winter and at the end of winter they will be loose!

I made some more progress in getting my reward organised. I have looked up the website for a day spa near me and looked at what I want. This week, I am going to pay for it – I won’t be able to get my massage for another few weeks but I am going to pay for it!

This weeks challenges include:
– getting back to exercise, I am aiming for planned exercise every day for at least 30 minutes
– eating well, aiming for within 200kJ of 8500kJ
– easter! Not that there will be any more chocolate (because it is not something we do) but there will be fruit buns. And we are going to a music festival on friday which will mean at least one meal that I buy. I am looking forward to it – I will take snacks with me and enjoy my meal out 🙂

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