20kg loss achieved – stepping stone goal reached

I have now lost more than 20kg!!! Woohoo! Yeah! Cheerin! Hurrah!

This morning I walked up the hill for my Monday morning walk. The light changed as the sun rose. As I left the house the light had a rosy edge and then it turned golden, then light yellow and finally clear. It was a beautiful morning, fresh and bright. I love this time of year. And on my way back down the hill, I told one of the walkers coming in the other direction that I had lost 20kg. And she was thrilled for me. It was the first person I told and it was so good to share my achievement. I got a little emotional after continuing on my way. Somewhere in my head I am still scared of failing, that I can’t maintain a healthy lifestyle or exercise routine, that I will put the weight back on. But I can do this.

This weeks stats
start weight: 140.9kg (310 lbs)
current weight 119.6kg (263 lbs)
loss this week: 1.9kg (4.2 lbs)
total loss: 21.3 kg (47 lbs)

This week I have decided to increase my kJ uptake by about 800kJ/day (about an additional 200cal) from last week. This works out to be about 8500kJ a day (just over 2000cal). Now that I am exercising 6-7 days a week I really need to be eating a little more. I keep saying I want to slow the weight loss down but it hasn’t happened yet. Part of me knows that I am losing more than recommended, part of me thinks that I am going to fast. And part of me is really excited and thrilled to see so much change so quickly! Part of me doesn’t want to slow down. But I think most of me agrees that a loss of 2kg a week is too much. So, this week, I am trying an experiment. I am increasing my food intake earlier in the day with an extra handful of cashews at morning tea and a slice of reduced fat cheese on my lunch in addition to what I was having. That comes to about an additional 800kJ. I think it is better to increase my daytime food rather than what I have for dinner. I will do this for a week and see how I feel energy wise and try to listen to my hunger and see what happens on the scale next Monday.

Next goal is only a short way off – to have lost 50lbs.

Challenges this week:
– keep exercising – I am up to 9 consecutive days now and I want to keep that going.
– I need to eat up to my daily kJ target every day. I might blog a couple days of food here as part of that.
– give myself a reward for what I have achieved! I am really bad at rewarding myself. So, my challenge is to set up a reward for myself to celebrate the commitment of 13 weeks of healthy living and a loss of 20kg.


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