A 40 week plan has to be split into 3 trimesters

And tonight marks the end of my first trimester. 13 weeks of eating good healthy food, 13 weeks of getting into exercise. I am proud of myself.

This week I tracked both my ww points and in kJ. With the tweaking I did last weekend, I had increased my points by 1 and made sure I ate all of them. That brought up to my kJ target. I ended up a little over today because I forgot to put on my latte at breakfast and then another this afternoon. But apart from that (and that was human error) I am happy with how the kJ tracking is going. It will be interesting to see how the scales go tomorrow.

This week was also the first time I exercised every day. I have now completed 8 consecutive days of exercise, averaging about 45 mins a day.

I baked a cake today. It was so good πŸ™‚ It was a fresh plum cake. It was really nice to do something that I enjoy, that I have not done in the last 13 weeks. I enjoyed my piece of cake. I am taking the rest in to work tomorrow to share it out and I won’t have any more. I know that ‘they’ say rewards when losing weight should not be food related, but this is my plan and I enjoyed the baking, I enjoyed the eating. I included it in my food count for the day and had a light dinner. And I am satisfied with my plan, with my piece of cake and with being able to do some baking again. Life is good. I can put the recipe up if anyone wants. It is not an expensive cake, food wise; not real light but it is no chocolate mud πŸ™‚

My folks were here today and I looked at some photos my mum had had printed from late last year. I have lost weight πŸ™‚

I am off to brush my teeth and go to bed. I have an early morning walk planned. At least daylight savings time has ended and it is light in the morning again. I did not like walking in the dark. Tomorrow I will get to see the sun rise over Canberra πŸ™‚


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