Retreat Redux

The retreat was good. There was alot of work on the songs and the chorus really sounded better (more together, more energised, more focussed) at the end of the retreat.

And with the food – it was great having my own food! I went walking both Saturday and Sunday as well.

The most tempting thing was supper on Saturday night – cheese and crackers, cabanossi, sundried tomato. I was so tired and was making myself a milo to take back to my room. And the supper was out and someone had already opened the bag of crackers. I took my milo and grabbed my emergency chocolate and left. I didn’t need the emergency chocolate after all!

Breakfast was interesting. I had my normal cereal with strawberries as a treat. The people around me were having hot breakfasts with bacon and eggs and toast and beans. I discovered that my cereal and fruit is enough to fill me up and that I did not want the bacon. I like my cereal and fruit.

I heard one woman comment that she had eaten more already by lunch than she usually eats in a day and I felt a little bit smug that I had stuck to my plan. And when I had my fruit for morning tea, I was asked where I got it from because she wanted a piece too.

I had some good conversations about what I was doing. A couple of people talked about only being able to stick to something for a few months. I explained that my plan was a 40 week commitment and how it was helping me stay focussed. I also explained about how I am building up my exercise over months so I don’t do too much too quickly. The comment came back ‘you have really thought about this’. And I have. I have really built a plan that I can make work.

The only not good thing from retreat is that over the weekend I developed an infection in a little wound that really has now caused me trouble. Yesterday I had a fever – with chills and the hot flushes – and nausea. I went to the doctor and am on painkillers and antibiotics and go back tomorrow to see if it can be cleaned out. I am starting to feel better as the antibiotics do their job. Yesterday, when I woke up, I just needed some sugar in my system. It was funny to identify that need so clearly. So, I had some sweet black tea and some jam on toast. I never put sugar in tea and it was a bit of a shock. But my body was so crashed out with the infection. Today I had jam and toast again – even though I did not need it like I did yesterday. And it was much less satisfying. I am already looking forward to my cereal tomorrow 🙂

And even though I was sick and sore yesterday morning I was able to get up for my Monday morning weigh in. I am amused by the things that drive me. So, over the last week, I exercised 6 days out of 7 and stuck to my food plan. I lost another 1.5kg (3.3lbs) and now have lost a total of 16.9kg (37.2lbs). There will be no exercise for me for a couple of days but that is ok. I need to listen to my body and let it recover.


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