Date Night Review

So, last night my man and I went out on a date to a fancy restaurant here in Canberra. We had not been out for dinner on our own since last July so I was excited. Yesterday I bought a pretty new top (in size 20! it was stretchy but still!) and did my hair and got dressed up and we dropped the toddler off with our friends and went out.

It was a restaurant that I had wanted to go to for a long time. I had been watching my food all week and exercised every weekday to build up a little buffer for the dinner.

I had ocean trout with zucchini flower and horseradish cream for an entree. It was really good and light and fresh. Then for a main I had lobster bouillabaisse with prawns, scallop, snapper and mussels. It was lovely but not quite what I expected and so I was left feeling like I wanted more – possibly because there was less than what I expected. A good thing I think in retrospect. For dessert I chose the chocolate trilogy with salted caramel and then I felt like I had had enough! It was wonderful.

It was such a great night out. We talked and laughed and held hands across the table. The food was good and looking back, the entree and main really were quite light dishes – high in protein, low in carb and not overladen with butter or cream. The dessert was a different matter πŸ™‚ So choosing what I wanted most of the menu I made healthy choices.

Interesting πŸ™‚


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