Goals, long term thoughts

I have been doing some thinking. And reading and listening and more thinking.

I have been reading The Amazing Adventures of DietGirl – the blog archives then the book http://www.dietgirl.org/. And I have been reading several books written by Andrew Cate. http://www.thehfactordiet.com/ Andrew Cate is a personal trainer in Australia and has written a number of books. I like the book Lighten Up which has 365 tips for getting healthy. I like Walk Off Weight which is about walking and weightloss. Dietgirl (aka Shauna) is an Australian now living in Scotland who started out at 350lbs and lost half of her bodyweight. She is funny and inspiring. She started blogging about it in 2001 and wrote a book about her journey.

And I have been listening to the podcast Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone which is a healthy living podcast by DietGirl and MizFit. http://www.twofitchicks.org/ It is fun! I like listening to both of them. They have a new podcast up every 3 weeks but because I am new to it I have listened to the first 9 episodes in a week. I will catch up to the latest one soon and then I will have to wait for the next one! And I suspect that I will start reading MizFit’s (aka Carla) blog soon as well. http://mizfitonline.com/

So the thinking…

My goal for weight loss is pretty simple. Lose weight this year so that I can get pregnant, watch what I am doing through the pregnancy so that I have a healthy pregnancy and a better recovery. But there are some problems with this goal. What if I don’t get pregnant? How do I maintain the healthy changes in light of my goal not being possible? And what if things do work out, what happens after? What will I have to motivate me? I need to start working on a goal that takes me beyond what I am currently working towards.

I want to work on morphing my longterm goals into being about family. I have always wanted to have children. But having children is not just about being pregnant and having a baby. It is about being active with them, playing, learning, being a role model. I& want to be active, I want to be healthy, I want to run and ride and chase with my family. I want to be there when they grow up, go through school, and study, are young adults and then older. I want to be able to share in their lives in an active way and not be held back because of my weight/poor health. Having goals linked to this will keep me going and not depend on what happnes in the next 2 years.

Dietgirl, MizFit and Andrew Cate all speak/write about healthy living. And when goal setting comes up it is not so much about weight but about becoming healthy and increasing fitness levels. It is not that weightloss isn’t an important part of healthy living but it is not all and maybe shouldn’t be the entire focus. At the moment I am fixated on numbers – how much I am allowed to eat, how much I do eat, how much I weigh, how far I am to goal, how much I have already lost. I like numbers. I find comfort in recording and seeing how I am tracking. And with so much weight to lose it is helping me focus on making changes today. But I also know that at some point I need to let go of the numbers and look at – I am not sure what I need to look at. But I have time to work it out. And that is ok. I will keep these thoughts percolating at the back of my mind so that whatever happnes in terms of family (OMG what if I were to have twins!!!) I can take steps toward a healthy life.


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