Another week, another weigh in :)

My weeks are getting busy and I did not have time to post last night. I wrote the post at work and emailed it to myself but did not get any further than that.

So, here it is…

This week I had a loss of 0.5kg (1.1lb) and I am happy with that. I have now lost 9.6% of my start weight and am 33% of my way to this year’s weight loss goal. I like having the % stats in my spreadsheet. The % to goal moves more quickly than the total lost number and I find it encouraging.

Last week, I kept to my food plan really well except for Saturday. On Saturday we did a day trip to Sydney. It was just over a 3 hour drive each way and we left at 6am and got home at 9pm. I took breakfast and an array of healthy snacks and we had lunch and dinner out. I did not track during the day but entered what I had eaten after I got home. The day was just really long and I needed more to keep me going. Lunch and dinner choices were good and healthy. And while in retrospect I wish I had tracked during the day I am pleased with the way I went. I listened to my body and ate when I was hungry but did not have too much. And when I look at the entire week, I had all of my food allocation for that week and then only maybe a third of what I could have had as extra earnt from exercise. And I had a good loss 🙂

This week I hope for the same!!! I have just had a couple of social things creep in and I have my date night on Saturday night. This morning on my walk I thought about how to handle that challenge of date night dinner; I had a plan and it was good. Now I need to accommodate lunch on Wednesday and brunch on Sunday as well. This week will be a good challenge in looking at balance between making healthy choices and control.

So, my revised plan for this week is to exercise on at least 6 of the 7 days. I have the exercise planned for the weekdays already to make it easier. And I will stick to my food plan when I have control of preparing my food and I will select healthy options at the lunch and brunch socials. For dinner on Saturday night the plan is to pick the thing I want most! I so rarely go out to dinner, my man and I so rarely get to go out together. We both like food and cooking. So, I get to choose the entree, main and dessert that I want most from the menu. And on Saturday and Sunday I will eat lightly to compensate 🙂

It has been 8 weeks now and this week I start my lunch time walks on Tuesday and Thursday. I have been exercising 3-4 times a week for the last 8 weeks and I am really pleased that I want to increase that a little. I am committing to this new exercise routine for 4 weeks before I make more changes. The next change I want to introduce is some resistance training twice a week. I am thinking about how, what and when so that in 4 weeks I will be ready to go. My desire to do exercise and increase my exercise is success in itself 🙂


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