Hurray for non-scale victories


This morning my man said ‘I can see the weight you’ve lost’. He is the first one to comment and it made me happy and I walked taller. Yay! He is the best man 🙂

And, on my walk this morning, I made it up to the path that goes round the hill without stopping for a breather on the way. It is not really steep, but the first 10 minutes of the walk is uphill and up till now, I have needed one or two breathers. I felt really good this morning. My fitness levels have increased.

And, I had a call from my Get Healthy Coach* this morning and it was good to check in with her and talk about my stress of the last two weeks. She is very supportive and helps me see things from a slightly different perspective.

And, you know when you wear clothes that are snug and you move your arms and the fabric moves with you? Well, some of my work clothes are getting loose and when I move my arms they now move inside the fabric.

* I am doing something called the Get Healthy Program which is run by the state govts here in Australia. It is a 6 months program and I get a coach who calls me every 2-3 weeks in that time. She is there for support and motivation and ideas and I am happy I signed up.


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