The Honeymoon is Over

I really quite enjoyed the first 5 weeks of the new routine. It was easy to make healthy choices. I wanted to go walking. And I lost weight. I felt good about what I was doing and it was *totally* achievable.

I don’t know if it was getting sick that ended this phase or whether it was just time but now it’s harder. I have to choose the healthy snack rather than automatically turning to it. I have to choose to exercise, although, this one is still a little tricky as I am not yet well. I have to plan and I have to remind myself of the big picture so that I can focus on the little things.

And I think that some of the angst in the last couple of weeks is me simply not recognising the honeymoon is over. This is life. If I really want this to happen now it is up to me to make it happen. From here, the hard work starts.

That doesn’t mean the hard work can’t be fun. Healthy eating and regular exercise are going to have to be part of my life from now on so if I don’t enjoy it or it doesn’t work with my routine that is going to be a problem.

But I think it will work with my routine. I don’t have any major lifestyle changes forecast this year so I should have stability on that front. My exercise is planned to fit into my weekly routine and I think I can maintain and build on that.

And I think I can keep interested in healthy food. We have had a few special breakfast options in the last couple months that I can manage within my food allocation. Trying to cook a new recipe every friday will keep me looking for options and I enjoy trying out new things. The other exciting foodie thing that is going to start soon is that my man and I are going out for a date night every 2 months (without the little one) and the first one is going out to dinner at a swanky restaurant. This is not going to be great diet wise for that week but will keep me interested in food and I can use it as a motivation and a reward which is going to be good for my attitude overall.

I need to keep working on my positive self talk. It was also so effortless in the first weeks. I know my goal for this year; it is challenging but realistic and achievable. I know this because I have managed similar goals in a similar timeframe twice already in the last decade. I need to move my butt because exercise helps me keep the positive frame of mind in place.

My challenge is to be committed for 40 weeks and to lose 40kg by Christmas. The 40 weeks ends in October but the process doesn’t end there. For my health, for my family and for my sanity I need to make this a lifelong change. I can do this. I know there will be set backs and surprises and things that change my routine and plans. That is life. And I want to live. I will need to learn to roll with the punches and start again when I lose my way.

It is achievable.

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