Culling Clothes

Today, I tackled the clean clothes that had been dumped on the bed of the spare room. It is just so easy to put clean clothes there and not actually put them away. But is was getting difficult to find clothes at all so, today I decided to sort, fold and put the clothes away.

And then I took the clothes out of the wardrobe that I don’t like and haven’t worn in *forever*. And there are a couple of items that are baggy. It is exciting that there a few things which are getting loose. I sorted the clothes into suitable to go to charity and only suitable for the bin.

I also have a few suitcases of clothes in the spare room cupboard. I got out my size 22 clothes and put on a pair of black pants 🙂 They fit and I haven’t taken them off yet. I got out anything else that I liked and is suitable for the season.

And going through the clothes I have made the decision to get rid of clothes as I lose weight. Well at least the size 24 and 22 clothes 🙂 Last time I lost weight the plan was to get pregnant and so I kept the clothes in case I needed them. I did need them and I am still in them! But this time, I am going to lose weight and if I get pregnant again I am going to monitor my food intake and not put the weight back on. I won’t need these clothes again so they are going out 🙂

Clothes sizes are different in different countries! How confusing. I started out a AUS 24 (UK 22, US 20) and I am moving back into my AUS 22 clothes (UK 20, US 18).


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