General Updatery for today

I just had my catch up with my health coach from the Get Healthy Program*. It was nice to be able to report in and say what the challenges were in the last couple of weeks and how I had met them; that I am thinking about incorporating a little more exercise into my week and planning how to do so; that I am thinking about why I got this way so that I can look at making changes which are not superficial. (There will be an entry about this when I have thought it through a bit more). It is really nice to get the affirmation that I am doing things well, that I am making progress. It is nice to be asked about how the changes already implemented are going and whether they are sustainable. The next call is in 2 weeks and I look forward to it.

I don’t think that today will be ‘New Food Friday’ or whatever I called it last week. I am just not well enough to get adventurous with dinner tonight. And I don’t have much of a sense of taste at the moment and that really sucks. I think I will make a light version of Chilli Con Carne and work out how it fits into my food allowance. It is always good to have some Chilli in the freezer for a quick, lazy, healthy meal. Chilli with 1 tortilla and salad on the side sounds fantastic. And if I make a non-spicey version then my little boy can eat it too. Would it still be called Chilli if it is not???

* The Get Healthy Program is being run by the New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmanian governments in Australia and you need to live in one of these areas to participate. It is a free service which gives you a health coach with up to 10 phone calls over a 6 month period. It is about support, motivation, accountability and advice around making changes and moving to a healthier lifestyle. This was my second call today.


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