this week’s weigh in

I am stoked!!

Starting Weight: 140.9 kg (310lbs)
Current Weight: 130.7 kg (287.5lbs)
Loss this Week 1.7kg (3.7lbs)
Total Loss: 10.2kg (22.4lbs)

This week was hard with the heat but I paid close attention to what I was eating. 6 days of the last week I was just under or right on track with my food allocation. Only one day I was over – and not by much – and that was offset by the additional allocation earnt through exercise. I exercised 3 times this past week which is a real indicator of my commitment because of the heat.

I have been thinking about what has made the past 5 weeks so successful. I developed a plan (food and exercise) that fits in with my current stage of life before I started. I have the tools to track what I am doing. I committed to the plan and am living the plan. And right now it is easy, the food is good, the exercise is achievable, the tracking is easy and convenient. It will get hard when my commitment stalls and that is going to happen. But I am using this time now to reinforce my motivations and tie them in with my values. And so when it gets hard I am hoping that alot of what I am doing now will be routine and will get me through until I can kickstart my commitment again.

This weeks challenges: We have a section afternoon tea at work tomorrow but I have planned to bring healthy dip, crackers and vegetables. I also won’t be able to do my longer walks on Wednsday and Friday because I have appts on those mornings but I have planned to get up early and do my shorter walk so that I don’t miss out on exercise. Next weekend I will try and get the whole family out to do my ’round the mountain’ walk. And I now suspect that I am getting the cold that my little boy and my man currently have. That is going to make things hard.

And I am looking forward to my ‘10% of start weight lost’ reward which is getting closer. I am going for a massage. Losing 10% of my start weight is the first short term goal that I have been aiming for.

Action items: need to take my measurements again this week.


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