Learning to trust my man with my food

Ahrgh! The heat! Tomorrow is expected to be about 10’C cooler than it was today and I am really looking forward to that. Tomorrow I am going walking and I am looking forward to that too.

This morning I asked my man if he wanted to cook dinner. He responded with – do you want me to cook dinner? Grrr. Part of my mind screamed NOOOOO but there is another part of me, the part that wants to look long term, that said yes. For the last 5 weeks I have had almost complete control of my food and it is hard giving that to someone else. But he likes to cook, that is one of the things I like about him and I want him to cook for me. So, I said yes.

He is really wonderful. He lets me ask what he is making, how much oil is he going to use, what else is in the sauce, can you weigh the meat and the wedges so that I can track it. I always make sure I have a good amount of my food allowance allocated to dinner when he is cooking because I don’t want him to feel really restricted in what he chooses to cook. And tonight, dinner came in just fine. You see, he wants to support me, he wants me to meet my goals and tries to help me meet my goals. I can trust him to be aware of my needs when he cooks. He is really wonderful.


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