Week 4 weigh in

End of Week Stats

Weight: 132.4kg (291.3lbs)
Lost this week 1.4kg (3.1lbs)
Total lost 8.5kg (18.7lbs)
% start weight lost 6%

In this past week I went walking 5 times (one was a 20 minute walk at lunch, 2x 45 minute walks and 2×70 minute walks).
I tracked all the food I ate this week and I kept to the plan; staying within my allowance and eating healthy food.

Mentally this week was alot harder. It is the fourth week of this lifestyle change and somewhere along the way I realised I am going to be doing this forever. I just have so much to lose to get to a healthy weight range. It seems too hard, too far, I was looking at the numbers this morning and ideally I need to lose half my starting weight. I find it really depressing and it makes me feel unattractive and worse, undesireable. But even with this mental struggle in the week past I stuck to my exercise plan and I stuck to my food plan and I lost weight. And I lost a good amount of weight. For four weeks I have met my food goals and exercise goals and really focussed and I have succeeded. And I just want to shout out “”I am Excellent!!!””

It is the little choices I make every day. I need to remember that my battle is not with the full amount now. It is the choice I made this morning to go walking before work. It was the choice to weigh my breakfast cereal, the grapes that went on it and measure the milk. It is the choice to have salad and tuna for lunch. It is the choice to enter the food in my tracker. It is the choice to prepare a healthy meal for dinner even when it is hot and I think it doesn’t matter because I have so far to go so I might as well give up now. No. I will not chose to give up now. Damn it. This is my life, my health, my future and I will not give that away. I will not give up in the heat. I will not give up because the road is long and I can’t see the end. I don’t need to see the end now. Now, right now, at this time, all I need to do is make a good choice.

Ooh – I just got really angry about this and it felt really good! It made me feel powerful; so strong and determined 🙂

This coming week’s challenges include the weather. They are predicting a week of above 30’C. And for the next 3 days above 35’C (100’F). It is hard want to exercise in the heat. And hard to plan and be organised because the heat makes me grumpy and tired. Ways of getting around this are having meals in the freezer that I can just re-heat. I don’t quite have enough for the whole week but I can get through till Thursday. I also have a brunch date with some girlfriends on Sunday. I already have the menu for the cafe and just need to pre-order so that I chose is what I get on the day (rather than being distracted by the menu when I get there). And the mental challenge. It creeps in every day and I need to be on guard against it.

This weeks goals:
– walk 3 times during the week and once on the weekend, despite the weather
– track all my food except for Sunday brunch. Choose a healthy brunch option for Sunday
– keep to the food plan, stay within my daily allowance

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