The end of today marks 4 weeks completed

Yay!!! 4 Weeks!!! I am looking forward to my weighin tomorrow morning. It is not going to be a huge loss – maybe only .5kg but it still should be a loss. I am 10% of my way to my 40 weeks.

This past week has been the hardest so far. I feel fat and unattractive, partly because I am paying attention to it. And it has been hot and I really don’t like the heat. It is harder to be organised for lunches and dinner, harder to go walking. Just harder. I get grumpy and tired and stressed. And I am realising that watching what I eat and exercising is for the rest of my life and I find that a little depressing. But I got through this past week, with the heat and feeling less motivated and I will get through next week which is going to be just as hot but for more days in a row.

In the past 4 weeks I have:
– stuck to my exercise plan. The first week I went walking 3 times. The middle two weeks 4 times and this past week 5. The fifth one this week was a 20 minute walk during my lunch break so it wasn’t much but what it did do was inspire me to set up lunch time walks on Tues and Thurs with a friend once we get to March. It is too hot just now. I have also sorted out when I am walking on weekends. My man will be back at dog training on Sundays starting next week so I have committed to walking then. If there is a walk with the whole fam on Saturday that is a bonus.

– stuck to my food plan. Going into the third week I dropped a point but that has been ok. I have tried new recipes, mostly ones from the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. This week I have eaten the most – using 9 of my 21 activity points which is why I think that I won’t have a big loss this week. But I will still be under my points for 3 days this week (including today) and on one day I was right on the points amount so even with the extra points it is only 3 days we are talking about. And I have tracked my food everyday for 4 weeks. I have not eaten anything that I did not write down (except for that one meal when we went to visit my cousin and had the tasting plate for lunch). I have not eaten any of my little boy’s food. I have not had any alcohol. I have had chocolate but not that much and it was always tracked. No cake and no biscuits (except the diet ones). And I have started letting my man cook again, not much but I am trusting him for one or two meals a week.

I have adjusted my excel spreadsheet to show % of start lost and % to goal. These are some good calculations that I saw on DietGirls* calculator. I have already lost 5% of my start weight and that was last week. As I said up the top, I am looking forward to weighin tomorrow to see where I am now.

I am not feeling it in my clothes yet. But I am starting to rifle through my size 22 suitcase to see what is there. The stretchy stuff fits. I am not feeling any fitter yet but I am enjoying the exercise. And I know that people won’t really start to notice for another one or two months. And I want the encouragement now. The next couple of weeks will be hard with the heat and the mental challenges.

But I am proud of the past 28 days. I am proud of the choices I have made in relation to food and exercise. It is easy when you are in the zone, that mental state where nothing gets in the way of the end goal. It is harder when I have to struggle to make those good choices. This week has been a struggle but I remember that it is about the little choices every day. I don’t need to make tomorrow’s call today, or even the one for this afternoon. If I make a good choice now, that will help me get to my goal.

*Love, love, Dietgirl! Go and check her out at


2 responses to “The end of today marks 4 weeks completed

  1. You have reason to be proud! Well done on not giving up.

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ I am now up to week 19 and still going strong. I am in the middle of transferring posts from another site as I want to be more active in the blogging community. Stay tuned – Feb, Mar and Apr posts will be appearing over the next few days πŸ™‚

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