End of Week 3

And I rock 🙂

Yesterday was my challenging day. We went on a day trip to sydney to my sister’s place. And food wise things worked out – even with me not preparing 2 meals.

I had food for the trip and my two light breakfasts for the road. And then we had hamburgers for lunch and my sister made them and has this little pattie press and so I knew how much mine weighed. And there was cake. I wasn’t expecting the cake. It was served with peaches and raspberries so I was ok there. And I had two small forks of cake. It was really nice. But you know, I didn’t want it. I had not planned for it and I could not bring myself to have anymore. It was an interesting experience. Morning tea and afternoon tea I had apple bars. And dinner was pasta with tuna. I don’t know the exact amounts of what I had but I can guess based on what I have been doing the last three weeks. Adding all the points up I came in right on target. Not even part of a point over. That was amazing.

I chatted with my sis and brother in law with what I was doing and I found that conversation stressful. It got me down in fact. My sis has lost so much weight that I find it demotivating. And talking numbers is something I have always hated. It was good though to share some tips with each other. She is doing so much exercise but not really focussed on the eating part. And that was interesting.

Today I did alot of stuff. My man is not here and it was on the go all the time. I took the pup for a walk with the pram and that was not fun. I need to remember that the walk needs to be different when I take the dog. I am tired now. And I am happy that I am at the end of the week.

I had my first chat with the Get Healthy coach Michelle on friday and that was good. I am really pleased that I signed up for it. It is one more way I can be accountable. And looking through the material has made me think about incidental movment. And also on friday i bought a csiro diet cookbook and I am going to enjoy looking at that.

This fortnight is going to be hard financially. I hope that I don’t have to make too many food compromises because of that.


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